Bethany Mewies, Artist from the UK

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Bethany Mewies, Artist from the UK
“I’m Bethany, the creator of BethsWorks, a small business based in the UK. I have always been into art, however when I found the art of resin, I never looked back! 
I started creating December 2019, but took n selling my artwork in May 2020. Since then I have made over 250 sales, created a social media following, and it has changed my life completely. 
What do I Sell? 
I create ornaments and accessories and sell them. Most of these are female figurines. They are my absolute favorite items to create, and it's always fun because you never know how they'll turn out, it's the best surprise to unmould.
I hope to grow more and be able to sell something for everyone. I am so honoured to be able to create art and be able to share it with everyone. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and my small business. 
You can find more of my art on social media and my website. My Instagram and Twitter are both @BethsWorks and my site is
Thank you!"
Bethany Mewies, Artist from the UKBethany Mewies, Artist from the UKBethany Mewies, Artist from the UK

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