How To Use Epoxy Resin Vol 1

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How To Guide Volume 1 - Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you regular tips and tricks on how to use your Craft Resin products to get the very best results!


Getting it right from the start:

Craft Resin clear epoxy resin is premium quality epoxy resin which is suitable for use in many different creative projects. Our ingenious product formulation alongside using our proven techniques will help you get results that you can be proud of, right from the start - But here's the catch, you must follow them!

Epoxy resin art can be a difficult field to master, but once you do you will be astounded by how good it feels and the creative projects that this can open up for you, let alone the future business potential it can give you too, should you wish to pursue.

We have created these guides to help you get the most from your resin art right from the starting blocks. Our beginner series will teach you everything you will need to know before you start creating, and then we will be creating some advanced guides to help inspire you long after you first begin.

Our hope with these is to support and mentor you so that you get the very best use out of our amazing products long after you have clicked to purchase - We hope you enjoy!



Things you need to consider before you begin:

So you have found the incredible world of epoxy art! Welcome, its a wonderful world to become a part of and we think you'll end up loving it as much as we do, or we certainly hope you do!

Please read through our guides and take note of all of our techniques before you get started, it will save you time researching and correcting mistakes in the long run.

Please visit our website if you need any specific product information whilst reading this blog:



Stop Put the resin down!!!!!!

There are some things we want you to consider before you start:

1 - Have you got everything you need? Lay your kit out and make sure you have everything in it. Do you need any extra moulds, mixing containers, colours etc. Having your items close to hand is best.

2 - The next step is to make sure you have the space set up ready to get creative, you want to cover any furniture that may be under the crafting area, we suggest a plastic covering if you want to be sure that no resin will soak through. You'll also want the area to be as clean as possible, you don't want your project compromised by dust or pet hair for example.

3 - Can pets or children get to the products? Maybe move your creative space to a higher level, like a table or a separate room where you can close the door if they can.

4 - What is the ventilation like in the room? Can you open any windows, have you got a ventilation system in place that you can switch on.

5 - What PPE do you have? Craft Resin Epoxy Resin is Non-Toxic (when used as directed) and Safe for Home Use! The only reason we recommend to use a mask is because Craft Resin produces a low odour, it is important to note that what customers are smelling are not fumes. It's also a good idea to use gloves, simple thin latex like gloves are fine.


Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post which will talk you through the basics to get started and then we'll start to go into some techniques - You won't want to miss this!

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