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My name is Alice Buckmaster and I run a small business called Luna Gifts.
I first started up my business around three years ago selling crystals and handmade jewellery. It was something I did on the side of working a long 5 day week so I never really had a lot of time to put into making my business a success. 
I also never really felt that creative as I was ordering stock and selling online so I wanted to find something that I really felt passionate about and could get really stuck in to.
Resin came as a complete surprise to me as I had never even heard about it before! I was scrolling through an online app and found some beautiful coasters that stated they were made from 'resin' . I then did a bit of research and thought to myself 'I could do that'. After that moment I was hooked and changed my spare bedroom into my workshop and started selling my coasters online. 
I find that when i'm in my studio working with resin its very therapeutic and is a way for me to forget about life troubles and get lost in creating a piece! I currently have an online website where I make custom-made resin orders eg coasters, trays and accessories. 
Please follow my journey on my social media and website.
Instagram - luna.gifts_
Facebook - @luna.gifts01
Alice BuckmasterAlice BuckmasterAlice Buckmaster
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