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Hi! My name is Aliyyah and I’m 27 years old. I got married in 2019 and moved to Manchester from London! Big change from the South to the North, but honestly I really love it! With all the changes to working from home during Covid, I was spending so much of my time at home! I didn’t want to waste my hours sitting on the couch watching TV all evening after work and so I was looking for something to do as a side hobby and came across resin! 



About a year ago, I remember seeing videos of people making coasters, tables, all sorts out of resin and I just remember being so mesmerised by the art of it all! One day I decided I’d have a go at making something after watching some Youtube tutorials! I ordered a simple 5 geode coaster mould  and some mica powders and a small bottle of 500ml resin from Amazon. It all started with literally 3 things, I didn’t even have a blow torch at that time haha!  


It was very experimental and I obviously did not have all the equipment I now have, but I just loved the whole process! It was very therapeutic for me! I shared what I had created on my personal Instagram page and so many of my friends started messaging saying I should sell these! This really motivated me to start a small side business and explore resin further. I came across Craft Resin and have never looked back since! It is the only resin I swear by and the only resin that I believe gives me the best finishes!


This then led me to creating my Instagram page @alzhome where I share all my creations! Here I really started to feel part of a ‘resin community’ there are so many people out there who have created such amazing works of art with resin and I love being inspired by their works of art! 



The thing I love most about resin is that no one piece can ever be the same! I’ve also come to realise that when creating some of my coasters, what I might think is a ‘resin fail’ others think is ‘beautiful’, which leads me to believe that the nature of resin really allows for us to appreciate the beauty of a handmade piece of art and there really is no such thing as a fail!


Though my business is still small, I’m so grateful for the customers I’ve had the chance to create so many things for! I’ve created things for other peoples celebrations, new homes, gifts for loved ones and it really feels so humbling to have been a part of other people’s visions! 



I’m always open to work with customers to create new things and bring their vision to life! I’m all for putting myself up to the challenge to create something really bespoke and ‘individual’ for people!! Having said that, I know there’s always room for improvement and so I am always looking for ways to do things better!


I recently won the Craft Resin talent award on Facebook which I am so chuffed about! I cannot wait to create more orders and more new creations with Craft Resin! I’m really honoured to even have a blog post on their website! 



All in all, I’m so grateful to have come across this wonderful art and I look forward to what the future holds! 

Aliyyah Amjad

Resin Artist

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