Amy, Resin Artist - @isparklecreationsshop

Amy, Resin Artist - @isparklecreationsshop - Craft Resin US

Hi everyone, my names Amy and I run the small resin business iSparkle Creations.

I am from a small City in the UK called Bath, and I work full time in retail alongside running my resin business.



I started crafting back in 2016 on and off with my sister. We started by making cute phone cases for friends and family. We then decided to try selling them which worked out really well. 

I started playing with resin some time in 2019 and I found that I thoroughly enjoyed it and it fitted perfectly with the creations I was already making. I now work in my shop alone and have now introduced resin to my work, which I'm really blessed to be able to do. 



When I started out with resin, I did find it difficult, everything I made, I just found didnt feel good enough or look good enough and I did the silly thing of comparing myself to other artists, which I know you should never do! I will admit that I then stepped away from it for a while. Sometimes you need to walk away and have a break to appreciate some things.


One day I was scrolling through my instagram, tidying it and I came across the images of the resin i once did and thought i would give it another try. I am so glad I did because I rediscovered a love for it and with time, I feel like my work has improved greatly. 



The only obstacle I think I have faced with my store is myself, I can be my own worst enemy. I do put myself down alot and still sometimes compare myself to others ! But I have gotten better at this. I believe in myself and I truly love my shop!


I just want everyone to know that if I can turn something I love doing into a business and make it work that anyone can. Keep going if you've just started and don't compare where you are now to where anyone else is, they might have been going a lot longer than you or they might be creating in a completely different way. No matter where you are in your creative journey and whatever you are creating, your work is amazing and beautiful and you are so worthy of making it a success.


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