Craft Resin YouTube Is Now Live!

Craft Resin YouTube Is Now Live! - Craft Resin US

We are so excited to now have a YouTube channel up and running!


Craft Resin YouTube



Over the past year we've been sharing lots of information with you all in the form of our Blogs, which we have had great feedback from, however we know how important it is, especially when using a medium like Epoxy Resin, to be able to see the techniques that need to be used. And this is why we have created our YouTube channel.


As a resin artist of any level, you will now be able to head to our YouTube channel and search for videos that will help you gain resin skills. You will be able to search for videos by title, or have a browse in the Playlist sections to find the videos that will teach you what you would like to know.


We've collaborated with expert resin artists to bring you the content in these videos and so you really will be learning from some of the best in the industry. All of the artists we have collaborated with are named in the videos and also below the videos so please do check out that information and support them as a thank you for creating this content for you if possible.


The Playlists we currently have available are:


How To Use Craft Resin

Learn Resin Skills

Craft Resin Courses

Craft Resin Brand Ambassador

Resin Artists Interviews

Craft Resin Announcements



How To Use Craft Resin:


This playlist will house videos specific to using our brands epoxy resin. As many of you will probably know by now, every epoxy resin is formulated differently and so what may work with one brands resin might not with another.


If you are using Craft Resin's products the guidance in these videos is specifically for you, if you are using another brand please search for their guidance as they might be different.


You will learn things like  the safety precautions to take, how to measure, mix and pour Craft Resin. What not to do in the resin fails video is a very handy one!


Each week we'll be releasing more videos so keep checking back and make sure to subscribe so you get notified when we upload a new video.


Learn Resin Skills:



In this Playlist we'll be showcasing how to recreate lots of different resin skills. From edging your coasters, to creating different colouring effects, over time we'll have all the skills you need to learn to make the most incredible creations.



Craft Resin Courses:


This Playlist will showcase the full Craft Resin courses we have available. Many of our courses are now FREE to take part in and you can really learn everything you need to create different resin projects from start to finish all in one easy to learn from location.


YouTube is great, ut sometimes you do have to watch several videos just to find out how to create one project, but fear not because we also have courses to help you get round this!



Craft Resin Brand Ambassador:


In this Playlist we will have videos which explain how to be a Craft Resin Brand Ambassador and how to get the most out of being one. We'll be sharing videos talking you through setting up and using your Referral Links, videos on creating Blogs with us to help you spread your brand further and videos covering going live with us to help you increase your following on Social Media.


Resin Artists Interviews:



We always think that it's so inspiring when you get to hear from people who are where you want to be, and this is why in this Playlist we have lots of videos with different resin artists who share their resin journeys. 


When you're at the start of your resin journey, and you look at some of the more successful resin artists out there, it can feel like you have such a long way to go and comparison can kick in. However when you hear about their resin journeys and the struggles that even the successful artists have gone through it gives you so much hope and more compassion for your own journey and where you are in that.




Craft Resin Announcements:


In this Playlist will be any exciting announcement that we will have to share with you all as and when they come up throughout the year - We have a lot of plans for where Craft Resin is going and ideas that will benefit all of our community and so watch this space for these to come out!


Once again please do subscribe to the channel so that you get notified when these announcements come out, we don't want you to miss a thing.


Team Craft Resin


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