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Since that Easter is almost near, I thought I'd give you all a little Easter Resin-Spiration.



Art resin epoxy creations that have lately caught our eye and that we think would make fantastic easter resin presents or complements to some of your resin company items will be featured in this blog post.


If you see an image you like while browsing this blog, click on it to be sent to the artist's social media page, where you may see more of their work. Seeing the works of others is a great way to spark your imagination.


To get this blog started, I want to show you a fantastic Resin Easter Bunny that Chrissy of the brand @standtogetheruk made. We think Chrissy's use of a mold and glitters makes the rabbit appear like it was made out of diamontés, and we adore it. Using molds that are a little different from the norm will help your works stand out from the rest and provide a new depth to your work:


The following item is a lovely resin Easter egg holder bunny, carrying on the theme of Easter rabbits. To make a fantastic Easter Egg display, insert an egg of suitable size (we recommend a Cadbury's Crème Egg) into the egg-shaped hole at the rear. This beautiful Easter-themed resin sculpture was made by Claire of the resin firm  @beecraftingqueen, and wouldn't it be nice as a gift or decoration in your own home this Easter?



Mish, of the resin company @resin_by_mish, has yet another take on the Easter Egg stand. The resin project would look much cooler if the eggs were placed in front of the bunny, giving the impression that the rabbits were foraging for their Easter treats. These will be amazing for kids and teens, but how much do you think adults will love them, too? Talk about transporting us back to our carefree youth.



This site is all about getting inspired by viewing the wide variety of crafts that can be made with Craft Resin epoxy resin. Therefore it's no surprise that rabbit designs are trending this Easter. The idea is to use conventional Easter tropes in novel and interesting ways. The following Resin Rabbit Keychains accomplish that goal. We adore that you may make the egg components in whatever color scheme you like:



Above and below are examples of the Bunny Keyrings and other Easter-themed keychains that Staci-Nicole, of the resin business @mould_it_and_make_it and make, designed. It's a good idea to sell a wide selection of Easter-themed keychains so that consumers may pick the ones they like most, and this is especially true because keychains are small, and you won't have to do massive projects that you'll have to keep and resell once Easter is done. go with the epoxy resin kits with molds.



Easter Bunny Resin Necklaces are next, a new take on the Bunny theme. If you run a resin business and plan, you can make them for Easter and sell them year-round; this is especially beneficial because you won't be restricted to a certain sales window. So, it is possible to gain by including Easter-themed initiatives like these without worrying about having too much inventory that won't sell until Easter 2024. We adore Stephanie's flowery designs in these necklaces produced by the resin firm Pretty Wild Resin.



You'll find some glittering Bunny Face Resin Keyrings, perfect for Easter, and some adorable Easter Chick Resin Stands. The chicks are useful as decorations or given as presents for Easter, and the keychains are another useful resin product that will remain in use long after the holiday has passed. Serena produced these adorable resin items under her company, Serena's Creative Corner.



Serena's Easter Bunny Tray is not a bunny tray, just a place to set out treats before the Easter Bunny drops off his chocolate egg delivery. This reminds us of the Santa trays sold at Christmastime. We believe it would make a terrific resin production, especially if your shop specializes in toys or other gifts that families with young children would be interested in buying.



So, instead of chocolate eggs, we offer Resin Eggs with an Easter theme. After all, chocolates are not only Easter gifts.


They are another option that needs to exhibit in people's homes long after Easter, making them a perfect addition to your resin company offering. Ensure your target market knows that the colors of the resin objects they're considering purchasing from you may be customized to suit their preferences; after all, they're not buying anything off the shelf. This personalized service is a terrific selling feature! Iman of the fashion label @soylove980 designed these exquisite Resin Eggs.



We're excited to see what you all come up with using Easter resin and hope you've liked this week's blog. If you post your work on social media and want people to see it, please provide our handle:




To conclude, we'd like to extend our deepest gratitude to the resin artists whose work has been showcased here. Several of whom are participants in our Facebook Group Discussion. Join our group if you work with our brands' resin and want to be part of a community where people offer encouragement and advice to each other.


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