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Easter is getting closer, which means it's time for some Easter Resin-Spiration for you all...



In this Blog we'll be sharing some of the epoxy resin creations that have recently caught our eye and would make great easter resin gifts or would make great additions to some of your resin business offerings.


As you move through this blog, click on any images that catch your eye and explore more of the artists work from their social media channels. There's a lot of inspiration to be gained by seeing what others create!


Lets kick this blog off with a fabulous Resin Easter Bunny that Chrissy, from the brand @standtogetheruk has created. We love the effect that Chrissy has created by using a mold and glitters that almost makes the bunny look like it's been created with diamontés. Adding dimension to your projects through changing their shapes with molds that are a bit different can make your creations stand out from the crowd and give an extra something to your work:



Sticking with the Easter bunny theme, next up is this beautiful resin Easter Egg Holder Bunny. Simply pop in an Easter Egg like a Cadburys Cream Egg, or equivalent size, into the egg shaped hole at the back and you have a great Easter Egg display. Claire, from the resin brand @beecraftingqueen, created this fabulous Easter themed resin creation, wouldn't these make a lovely gift or display in your own homes this Easter:



Another variation of the Easter Egg stand is this next creation by Mish, form the resin brand @resin_by_mish. Instead of placing the eggs in the back of the resin project, you'd pop the eggs in front of the bunny, which creates a cool kind of look like the bunny's are collecting their own Easter Eggs. These are going to be fantastic for children and young people, but actually how much would you also enjoy these kinds of displays as an adult, talk about taking us back to our childhood and carefree days:



The bunny creations are taking over this Easter, but that's what this blog is all about becoming inspired by seeing what variations of projects you can create using Craft Resin epoxy resin. It's about taking traditional Easter themes and thinking outside the box and getting creative with them. These next Resin Bunny Keyrings do just that. We love that you get to create the egg parts to these in any colour combination that you would like to:



Staci-Nicole from the resin brand @mould_it_and_make_it created the Bunny Keyrings above and also the different Easter Themed keyrings below too. Easter themed keyrings with lots of variety for your customers to choose the ones they would like to purchase is a great idea, especially as keyrings are small and so you're not having to create huge projects that you'll have as left over stock after Easter is over, smaller projects take less materials and are easier to store to resell the year after if you need to:



Next up we're moving onto a different Bunny creation, Easter Bunny Resin Necklaces. These could be created for Easter, but then sold any time of year, which is great if you're a resin business and you create these in advance, as you don't only have a limited time in which to sell these during each year. So adding easter themed projects like this can be beneficial, but won't leave you with excess stock that you can't sell till Easter 2024. These beautiful necklaces are made by Stephanie, from the resin brand Pretty Wild Resin, we love the flower design shes used in these:



More Easter bunny keyring ideas are these glittery Bunny Face Resin Keyrings below, alongside some cute Easter Chick Resin Stands. The chicks would make a great easter display in your home, or to gift, and the keyrings make another reusable resin creation that will last long after Easter has gone. These cute creations were made by Serena, from the resin brand Serena's Creative Corner:



Another great Easter creation that Serena has made is this Easter Bunny Tray, not a bunny tray, but a tray where you can place some food/drink ready for the Easter Bunny to visit and leave all the chocolate eggs! This is a similar idea to the santa trays you see around Christmas time, and we think it's such a fabulous idea for a resin creation, especially if your resin business sells items that children or parents would purchase, this might be a great addition to what you can offer your customers around this time of year:



Lastly we're switching it up from Easter Bunny's to some Easter inspired Resin Eggs - Because who said that the only eggs you can receive at Easter had to be made of chocolate!


These are again another addition that could be displayed in people's homes well after Easter has finished and so can make a great addition to your resin business offering for people to display in their homes all year round. When you're advertising resin items like these to your audience, make sure they know that the colours can be made bespoke to their needs, they're not buying off the shelf, so one of the benefits from them buying from you is that you can work with them to create the perfect home items for their needs, that's a great unique selling point! These beautiful Resin Eggs were created by Iman, from the creative brand @soylove980:



We hope you've all enjoyed this weeks blog, we can't wait what Easter resin creations you all make. Please tag us in any you share on Social Media so that we can see your beautiful creations:




We'd like to take a moment to finish by saying a huge thank you to the resin artists featured in this blog. many of whom are members of our Facebook Community Group. If you create with our brands resin and you'd like to be a part of a supportive group who share so much help and inspiration to the other members, then join our group today:


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If you'd like to create your own Easter Epoxy Resin for art, then try our epoxy resin starter kit which will give you enough resin to create a few of the projects you've seen above:


Craft Resin Starter Kit



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