Epoxy resin paintings: resin art objects

Epoxy resin paintings: resin art objects - Craft Resin US

Check it out, y'all! We're stoked to introduce another one of our ambassadors. Say what's up to Alena Rezanova ( @_alena.rezanova_ ). She's all about space, bald cats, and Irish coffee. Okay, that last bit might be a stretch. But hey, who knows, maybe in a past life, right? 😉



Oh, and get this – she's a resin wizard, turning out some seriously rad modern art. Don't be surprised if her pieces start poppin' up in galleries worldwide, fetchin' mad stacks. 🎨💸

But hold up, 'cause we're just gettin' started. Now, it's time to hear straight from the source. Alena's about to spill the tea on her journey in her own words. Get ready to dive deep into her world, 'cause trust me, it's gonna be one heck of a ride. 😎🚀

The story of my creative path began when I was a child. Like all children, I drew a lot, but I always wanted to become an artist.

 But before I became one, I already had experience as  a Product Photographer, Makeup Artist and even became a Neurographic Instructor and a life-coach. Basically, I've always been in the creative field:) 

I have been in Photography for more than 10 years and as Neurographic Instructor and a life coach for about 5 years. I am a curious person and love transformations in life, both professional and personal. 

I have lived in 3 states (NY, California, Florida) over the past 13 years and have had enough training and education in various fields to finally get to the point of becoming an artist. 

I started creating texture paintings last May, so I'm still at the very beginning. At the same time I went to study at Milan Art Institute, where they teach academic drawing and also oil painting. I am also learning bas-relief and mirror technique to diversify the combination of different materials in my art. And of course, the cherry on the cake among the materials is Craft Resin epoxy. 

Since at this stage I am involved in the creation of interior art, the necessary component is quality materials, so that my art pieces can long delight their  owners. In Florida, where I live, there is a lot of sun and high humidity, so it is important that paintings do not yellow in the sun and remain in pristine condition for a long time. 

That's why I'm so glad that the resin from Craft Resin has a UV protection and doesn't yellow over time. 

Also important criteria for me was that the resin is bubble-free and non-toxic. Because the first resins I worked with required the use of a respirator and a torch or heat gun to remove bubbles from the resin surface. This is kind of unsafe, especially since I'm working at home for now and not in a studio.

I was also impressed with the curing time of the resin. 24 hours is incredibly fast! Sometimes it takes even less time for the resin to harden and if I pour the paintings in the evening, I can put them in a vertical position in the morning for the final curing. The speed of curing of the resin is very important to me, because my paintings have more than 5 layers and each one has to dry, which can take quite a long period of time. The resin is the finishing layer and adds an incredible shine and smooth surface to my paintings.

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