The good news is that you can use social media to help your resin business expand and get started with little to no financial investment.

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People buy from those they trust; if you want them to trust your business, they need to know who you are. 


The first step in gaining someone's trust is to reveal your face.

It baffles us when we go to an artist's online company website, profile, or feed and need help finding their name. Because of this, we avoid contacting the artist because we fear being scammed. What if that individual was a potential client too intimidated to contact you about working together on a project because they needed to know who they were speaking to?

Therefore, at the very least, provide your name in the bio; a nickname is OK.

Showing your face is the next logical step after doing that. When people know your name, that's terrific! That's level 1 of creating trust. However, presenting your face moves you up a few notches on the trust scale. 

Regularly post photos or videos of yourself posing with one of your creations, working at your resin table on your most recent project, or standing next to your booth at a live event where you are selling your resin. These are only a few examples; feel free to develop your own. Start taking a ton of images while you're in a good mood so that you may compile a large collection later on.

As long as it's not a cat/dog filter and you don't have those silly ears on your head — don't post them unless that's part of your branding, but that's another story, and for most of you, it isn't — even if you need to add a subtle filter because you're not comfortable in your skin, that's better than nothing.

Another great tip to make your face look amazing is to ensure you have great lighting!

We understand it; if you stand in front of a bright light with your face in the middle of the beam, you can get the impression that every imperfection in your skin tone is being accentuated. Not only may poor lighting from above or behind you dull the photograph, but it can also accentuate defects in the subject's appearance. Instead, you could try taking a picture of yourself while standing in front of a window and shooting a picture with the light streaming in; you will be astonished by how wonderful your skin seems in the image.

Purchasing a Ring Light is an extra alternative. These can make your skin seem amazing and help you shoot photographs of yourself and one's work without the presence of harsh shadows.



Any advice you have for working with epoxy resin, such as which resin to use for what, which molds to use, and how to mass-produce resin items, including epoxy resin dye

Or how to add other colors or patterns to the final goods would be much appreciated. There might be more added to the list!

There are two main benefits to this:

A - When others can see the amount of time, energy, money, effort, and expertise that went into making your items, your work will be more highly regarded, and you will be considered more of an expert in the subject of resin art. Someone who has experience working with resin or someone who looks to be building things as a hobby?

B - This will improve the possibility that your suppliers will offer you opportunities to be an official brand ambassador, which may result in free items, monetary remuneration, and visibility for your channel when larger firms promote your content to their audiences. This will increase the likelihood that your suppliers will offer you opportunities to be an official brand ambassador.

We've seen an increase in the number of artists adopting this strategy, and we've found that artists who take this approach experience much higher levels of interaction and popularity due to the instructive articles and videos they share on their channels. Epoxy resin is utilized in the work of many of the artists that we deal with, and we've discovered that this collaboration has been beneficial to the success of both of our companies.

Your fear that encouraging others to try resin would merely increase your "competition" is probably keeping you from sharing material like this.

You lack attitude if you believe there won't be enough business to go around if you share your knowledge and teach others to resin.

Some students will try resin and find it to their liking; others may be inspired to launch their firms after hearing your lessons. However, on November 15, 2022, the world's population topped 8 billion. Suppose that out of the world's 8 billion people, how many do you suppose have really used epoxy resin for crafts or mica powder for art?

Instagram has 1.386 billion monthly active users; how many will see your posts? There won't be a period when you lack customers.

We say this because failing to appreciate the size of your prospective consumer base is holding you back.

What else are you not posting, tweeting, or talking about related to your resin business due to this preconceived notion of failure?

Because of this, the number of people who will view your work may be diminished if you refrain from sharing, speaking, or doing specific things on social media.

You need to increase your reach and engagement on social media to find the people who want to buy your items.

Not everyone will try epoxy resin for crafting because you've shown them how to, and not everyone will buy your creations. After all, you've shown them they exist.


3. Engage your audience in conversation:

There needs to be more than just having a social media presence and publishing content to gain exposure for your business and generate sales. Instead, you should engage in conversation with them. You must engage the audience.

You'll get more responses from your followers if you don't just publish and ignore them. For this reason, the more your audience engages with your posts, the more likely you will continue to receive exposure.

You should write engaging content and use attention-grabbing headlines to attract more attention.

  • Can you figure out what that is?
  • Who here is curious about my creative process?

 There's nothing I can do...

The reader will be enticed to click through to your page for more information if you include all of the aforementioned elements. After you have captured their attention, develop the major tenets of your argument over the remainder of the piece and then conclude by encouraging them to take the desired action.

  • What color do you gravitate toward the most? Add your thoughts in the space provided here. 
  • Which little things could be able to squeeze into this jar of resin? Add your thoughts in the space provided here. 
  • Do you have any prior experience with epoxy resin in your work? Please keep me informed.
  • If you want to try resin, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.
  • Does anyone else create art out of epoxy resin?

The link in my bio to purchase this creation is an example of a call to action. However, this will not increase interaction, which means fewer people will read this message. As a result, there will be fewer potential buyers considering the post.

Better yet, share your posts and creations on your stories with a buy call to action, and even use the link feature to send people directly to your online store so they can purchase without having to scroll through your feed.

Be sure to reply to any comments posted on your postings regularly. In addition, schedule time every day to react to direct messages.

Asking questions of your audience encourages them to respond, which in turn increases two-way communication and interaction.

Engage your audience in conversation


Contact other resin artisans and set up shop as an online collective. Work together with the people you bring into your community. Collaborating on projects or social media posts is a terrific approach to raising awareness for both businesses.

Again, many individuals will hesitate to work together due to the issues discussed above. We won't be competing because our audiences will overlap due to our collaboration.

Every artist has a distinct aesthetic, which is always evident in their final works. Similarly, every client has their own specific needs regarding your products. Collaborating with other creatives boosts your profile and people's confidence in you and their probability of liking you.

Your customers will be able to find you more easily, and they will appreciate that you are secure enough in themselves and their abilities to collaborate constructively with others.

We'd all like to buy from an artist like that.

You will find that your personal life improves in many ways as a result of cooperating with other artists. You may spend most of your time working alone; if so, having another artist to talk to may be nice. It will keep the inspiration and enthusiasm for creating with resin continuing. When two people are passionate about what they do, the energy created when they join together is contagious. You will acquire more skills and unleash more creative potential inside yourself.

Developing a relationship with another artist over the Internet might provide these rewards; you should try.



A video documentary of your job might benefit both the promotion of your business and the growth of brand awareness. The fact that your audience can get a good look at you also increases the likelihood that they will believe what you say.

Collaborating with other artists or businesses can significantly boost the number of people who watch your videos or livestreams.

The shift from sharing pictures to sharing videos can be challenging and nerve-wracking, and it could take some time to become skilled in both activities. Before going live, there are a few things you need to take care of, such as setting up your workspace, dressing in a somewhat more presentable manner than you may normally in your craft room, and making sure you don't forget to push the buttons later on to save the video. However, everything turned out to be well worth it in the end.

If you are a resin artist, broadcasting live or uploading videos regularly may help you differentiate yourself from the competition, establish trust and connection with your audience, and eventually increase sales.

Don't worry so much about seeming "perfect" online; the fact that you have a huge following doesn't mean that your viewers will expect your films to have been shot by professionals. Since nobody anticipates your craft area to be nice and tidy, you should feel free to keep it that way. Instead, you should embrace the chaos that may already be present there. You don't need to learn lines or appear robotic; instead, assume the camera is your best friend and converse spontaneously about your profession. If you do this, you won't have to worry about memorizing lines.

It is important to remember that the more practice you put into creating videos, the better you will get at it, and the less practice you put into making videos, the worse you will get at it.



Give away freebies or discounts to existing customers and attract new followers by giving away an epoxy resin masterpiece you have yet to sell.

You can do them sparingly or even very frequently. Small freebies are a wonderful way to break into the resin business and the social media realm. Contact the companies whose products you often buy and ask for promotional giveaways. Because of the exposure they will get from your giveaway, many companies will be happy to help you if they can.

You could even provide an hour-long online tutorial on working with resin. This may be done for free through Zoom or, if feasible, in person as long as the supplies are purchased.

Do your creative hat and go thinking.


We know how nerve-wracking the prospect of exposing your work to the general public for the first time on social media may be. It would be like attempting to construct a wall by throwing spaghetti at it. You publish anything you feel like publishing whenever you feel like it and in whatever manner you feel like doing it. Don't be concerned about it; it's typical to make mistakes when first selling on social media.

After you've been using social media for a while, it's essential to start tracking the analytics of your posts, videos, reels, and stories to see which content is the most popular with your audience. This will help you identify which aspects of your profile should be improved.

You could try connecting the amount of sales you made on the connected project during that week with the number of likes and comments your article earned.

Although it may take some time, patterns will ultimately appear. There will inevitably be outliers, such as certain projects or types of content that perform better than others and certain followers who interact with your postings more than others (these followers will be your super fans, and they will appreciate it if you thank them for their support).

Stay to those times once you've determined the optimal times to post. Adding them to your calendar through a service such as is also available.

You can produce material that caters to your audience's preferences and dispose of everything that does not perform effectively.

Investing a small amount of time in monitoring your content right now will save you a significant amount of time in the future since you won't have to produce and publish stuff that doesn't do very well. Getting into this habit from the beginning will improve the probability that you will keep it as your company grows, saving you time and work in the long run.

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