How Does The Referral Program Work?

How Does The Referral Program Work? - Craft Resin

If you have been using our brand for a while you may have seen that we have opportunities available to become a Brand Ambassador with Craft Resin. You may have looked at it and thought about it, you may have jumped in and signed up, you might be a bit confused about it and not have a clue what it’s all about!


That's completely ok, that’s why in this weeks Blog we’ll be sharing:


1 - What is a Brand Ambassador with Craft Resin?

2 - Who can become a Brand Ambassador with Craft Resin?

3 - What are the benefits of being a Brand Ambassador with Craft Resin?

4 - How to become a Brand Ambassador with Craft Resin? 

5 - How to be a Brand Ambassador? Training/guides to support you.


What Is A Brand Ambassador With Craft Resin:


The main way in which we work with our Brand Ambassadors is through our Referral Program. When a Brand Ambassador creates and then spreads the word about our brand alongside creating with resin, we pay them a very generous commission.


Many resin artists do struggle, at least at first, with turning their resin hobby into a business and becoming a Brand Ambassador can offer them lots of benefits to help them do this.


Once they have successfully been sharing our brand, we can also offer them other ways to collaborate which can then help grow their own brands. It’s always a win win for both parties when you align with Craft Resin, our community and Brand Ambassadors are very important to us, they are the lifeblood of our organisation.


Who Can Become A Brand Ambassador With Craft Resin:


Anyone can become a Brand Ambassador for Craft Resin, anyone can create a personal link and share this with their audience, however the most effective way to share something and then earn commissions from those sales is to use the item your sharing. You then build trust and share the resin authentically with your audience.


Because of this we would recommend that to become a Brand Ambassador with Craft Resin you should already be using resin often, and also using Craft Resin specifically, or at least open to try Craft Resin.


When you share a brand/product people will ask you questions about it. When you use it, and can share yourself using it, loving it, then you have more of a chance at being able to recommend and share your links with people, generate a sale and therefore earn a commission.


How To become A Brand Ambassador With Craft Resin:


Becoming a Brand Ambassador couldn’t be easier, follow the steps below. 


Simply join via the website links…


UK Referral Program

US Referral Program

EU Referral Program


Enter a couple of personal details, name and email address (make sure this is linked to your PayPal account so you can get paid, if you haven’t got a Paypal account you can get one for free here).


Then a link is generated specifically for you. You can share this link with individuals as you start speaking to people about the brand, you can also add it to your Instagram Bio etc. There is more guidance on how to share your link towards the end of this blog.



When you are going through these steps on your phone, the Your Rewards and Settings buttons will be located in the three line drop down menu in the image below:



When you click on Your Rewards in the top right hand of your screen, you will be asked to set up a password for your account - Enter your password of choice.



Once you enter your password the system will automatically send a verification email to your email address, you will need to click the activation link in this email.



Once you click on the activation link it will ask you to login once again. When you do it will take you straight to where your cash rewards will be sent to, your PayPal email address, you will be able to change it in this section at any point by clicking on settings. And you’ll also be able to customise your invite link, so you can add your brand name etc.



This will then bring up your rewards, over time the more you share your link, the more rewards you will see add up in your account. You are then paid on these rewards automatically, by cash, into your PayPal account. These are paid monthly.



Please note: The referral program you sign up to cannot be used in each market. For example, if you sign up to our referral program through the UK link, only people in the UK will be able to shop via this link. If you will be sharing your link in different markets, UK, US and EU, then we would suggest following the steps above and setting up a reward account in each market, through each of the links above.


We would also suggest saving these separate links in the notes section on your phone, labelled with UK, US or EU so that they are super easy to share should you need to at a moments notice in the future.


When you get a reward it will show in your rewards as below, it might take a short while to show in your rewards once someone has purchased through your link. Each month the rewards are paid into your PayPal account automatically, if you have any. You should also receive and email to let you know this payment has been made. This email will be from Referral Candy and may go into your junk/spam folders.



What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Being A Brand Ambassador With Craft Resin:


The obvious benefit is the commission that you get to earn on every sale through your personalised link. This can create a very generous additional income for you alongside your resin endeavours. Every time someone orders from the Craft resin website through your link, you earn 15% from their order.

For example:

If someone buys a 4 litre Pro Kit you would get £$€20.24 from that order. Below are the breakdowns of commissions for the products that we offer.



Other benefits also include working with our brand to increase your brands awareness, we can offer our Brand Ambassadors chances to go live with us on our Instagram platform which has over 52k followers and rising. We can share your story in one of our Blogs, we have Brand Ambassador giveaways available too.


These are just some of the ways we are working with Brand Ambassadors to help them grow their own businesses and brands. If you are already a Brand Ambassador and would like to discuss further opportunities that we may be able to help you with, please do contact us.


How You Can Maximise The Benefits You Get - Training/Guides To Support You:


One of the ways our Brand Ambassador program stands out from the rest is that we don’t just sign you up and leave you to it, we are putting support and educational practises in place so that we can help you to maximise your potential as a Brand Ambassador. The more successful you are the more you earn, we want to help you with this.


Within our Facebook Community Group we are sharing weekly tips, advise and tools that help you to share your links in line with your resin brand, in a way that feels authentic and good, that also helps your own brand grow at the same time.


You join our Referral program on your own, but you never have to go it alone!


Become a part of our Community today and immerse yourself into the encouragement, inspiration and support that we have available to you.


So you can see a snippet of the information we’ll be sharing in the group, click on the image below to view the first training we have available to you:



We would be thrilled to have you on board with our brand, as always if you have any questions about becoming a Brand Ambassador with us, please don’t hesitate to ask, our team is here to support you too.


Team Craft Resin

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