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Craft Resin may be used to create bubble-free epoxy resin creations, so we put "Bubble Free*" on our box to indicate this. But, some methods must be employed in order to achieve this.


If you're using epoxy resin and run into trouble with bubbles, don't give up on your epoxy resin crystal clear dreams just yet; just follow the advice below to prevent bubbles from forming in the first place, or get rid of them if they've already formed.



Knowing the root of the problem is the first step toward a solution. Thus it's important to investigate the origins of the symptoms.


Epoxy resin bubbles can be avoided by avoiding these four common mistakes:


  • Resin mixtures should be kept at a low temperature.
  • Unevenly dispersing the resin mixture during the pour.
  • Working too quickly while combining resin and hardener.
  • All the air sucked into your project is now being released.


To find a way to circumvent these, let's delve in.



The First: Low-Temperature Resin Mixes


The temperature is likely too low if your resin mixture takes on a hazy or milky appearance. If you want your resin project to turn out perfectly, you'll need to work in a warm environment with a friendly resin and resin hardener.


Many small micro-bubbles develop in cold resin, giving it a misty/milky appearance. They should be adjusted before you start working since they cannot be deleted once the project has been cured.


Optimal temperatures for your workstation and resin/hardener are between 21-24C or 70-75F, which is higher than the average room temperature. Your resin will be a pleasure to work with between these temperatures, flowing easily and appearing crystal clear. Bubbles will break apart in front of your eyes as the temperature rises.


Before you measure out your resin and hardener, you may let the bottles sit in a warm sink of water for about 10 to 15 minutes. Keep the caps well fastened, avoid filling the bottles with water over the line indicated on the Craft Resin label, and pat the bottles dry before using them.


Having moisture in your resin might have unintended consequences. Be cautious at this stage; you don't want to solve one problem by creating another.



The Second-: Excessive volume of resin mixture poured at one time


Although Craft Resin may be used for a wide variety of crafts, its intended use is as a coating resin that you coat your artwork with.


As resin is curing, air can become trapped under a thicker project and cause bubbles that can't be removed.


If you pour in stages, you can get rid of any surface bubbles that form after each layer, and the air is less likely to become stuck at the bottom.


Use a heat torch to get rid of them easily. Hover the heat torch over the surface you're working on, make gentle, sweeping motions to deliver direct heat, and bust the bubbles as you go.


Keep the heat torch safe from your work, and avoid focusing it on any one place for too long to prevent problems like rippling.


When the heat from an appliance like a hair dryer isn't focused enough, it might cause your resin to move and cause dirt to be blasted into it; a heat torch is what you need for this.


If you pour a layer that's no more than 1/4 inch thick, you may spread the bubbles and return to it in three to five hours.


Remember that the curing time will increase if you are layering your project.


It might be easier to maintain a steady stream if you create bubbles when working with a big volume of resin. To avoid this problem, pour the resin slowly and carefully from a lower height, and keep the container near the mold or artwork.



3. Moving too quickly while combining resin and hardener:


To avoid bubbles, mix your epoxy resin and hardener slowly and not at full speed as if pouring from a height. Again, whisk-like bubbles are whipped up by swirling too quickly and erratically in the mixing container.


Mix the resin and hardener for at least 5 minutes, and even longer if necessary. Remember to scrape the sides and bottom of the jug while you mix.


While you work, the resin and hardener heat up, beginning the exothermic process that cures your project. The warmer your resin mix, the more it will disperse the bubbles. Causing the chemical reaction to proceed too quickly might result in a flash cure, so try to avoid going over time by too much. There is a sweet spot for every endeavor; you'll discover it with enough practice.



4: Your project is helping you breathe easier


It's common to practice using projects containing glitter, flowers, little trinkets, etc., to expel the air trapped inside. Bubbles can form in your work because air gets trapped around the pieces or the natural things react with the resin, releasing gas.


While working on a complex project, dividing the work into several layers is helpful. While using the layering method, you can eliminate air bubbles.


Flowers should be absolutely dry before being included in a project. If you're concerned about using a heat torch to eliminate bubbles near fragile flowers, you may always poke them away with a cocktail stick as the project cures. If you want to learn how to incorporate flowers into resin creations, click here free course we've created.


If bubbles form on the surface of your work, you may pop them using a heat torch. Read our blog on using a heat torch to find out more information about this. You can also eliminate Bubbles with a spray of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).


Unlike excessive torching, the impacts of these last two measures will not spread.


Join our fantastic Facebook community now to discover all the methods like these you'll need while working with our brand's resin, where members are always discussing ways they get rid of bubbles in their unique projects. If you need help finding the answer to your issue among the group's resources, please post it so our knowledgeable members can offer assistance.


Look at these stunning works by Niccole of the brand @niccnaccs_ to get an idea of the results you can expect and how crystal clear your projects may become by applying the methods outlined in this blog.



If you build something similar and post it online, we will see your hard work and give you props. And you'll also be included in a monthly Instagram giveaway for free resin!

Team Craft Resin

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