How To Make An Income With Epoxy Resin:

How To Make An Income With Epoxy Resin: - Craft Resin US

Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve probably dabbled in using epoxy resin, or you might not even know what epoxy resin is! Either way you would surprise yourself to how simple it could be to gain the skills and knowledge you need to turn your hobby or new found interest into something that makes you money.

Let's dive into how…



Starting with building a resin business:


Ok so if you are completely new to using epoxy resin, this will take longer to get you off the ground as you’ll need to learn the resin skill required to create your resin artwork first. But it’s still completely doable to create an epoxy resin business if you haven’t even picked up resin before.


If you are completely new and would like to start, then we would suggest learning resin skills from the experts themselves. With our Craft Resin courses you learn resin skills quicker than if you were to go it alone and research all the techniques and troubleshooting. You can certainly do this yourself, but it will take longer.


Once you have learned the resin skills needed to make resin projects then you can easily start a resin business. And the beauty of starting a resin business of your own is that it can be a completely flexible business model, you can start it alongside another job, you can start it alongside a busy family life, you can work your business in the time that you have available. Or you could dive right in and start it as a full time role for yourself. 


Please note that when starting any business it will take time to see a return, it’s not like a job that you start and then you get paid pretty much straight away, you will need to do work at the start that you might not initially get paid on. But over time, when you build this up, you just never know what could happen.


So how do you start a resin business then, well we’ve actually already written a blog which explains the steps to do this earlier last year. This blog was co-written by a successful resin business owner, so it has lots of brilliant step by step guidance to help get you started:


How To Start Your Own Resin Business



Partnering with a brand:


If you’re creating resin as a hobby, or a business, its so easy to partner with a resin brand like ours and start to earn from this partnership. At Craft Resin we have a couple of ways to earn from recommending our brand to other people who might want to get started or re-order resin:


Craft Resin Referral Program:


We wanted to reward our loyal customers for their continued support of Craft Resin and that’s why we introduced our very own Referral Program for resin artists to get rewarded when someone purchases Craft Resin from their referral. We felt it was only fair to give the people who love and share our brand a cut of the profits and we have continually developed this so that the rewards you get are even better now than when this first started.


So how does it work and who is it perfect for…


Our referral program works by signing up to our Shopify Collabs platform online through our website. You enter a few personal details, name and email address and a link/code is generated that is unique to you. 


When you share this link with someone, either via a personal message or in your Bio in Instagram for example, and the person clicks on your link and purchases any Craft Resin product, they receive 10% off their order, and you as the referrer get 10% commission from that sale. And not just once, but every time they order through your link. This gives you the chance to earn repeat commissions.


For example: If someone clicks on your link and purchases a 4 Litre Pro Kit at £134.99, they would save £13.49 and you would receive £13.49 as a thank you from Craft Resin for sharing our brand. If they bought the 4 litres through your link every month, that would be an extra £13.49 a month going into your PayPal account!


Join our referral program today, start sharing and start earning:

UK Referral Program

US Referral Program

EU Referral Program


Your referral commissions are paid directly into your PayPal account by Shopify Collabs within a week. You get the money so that you can spend it on what you like, whether that’s to top up your own resin supplies, or to treat yourself to something nice for all your hard work, it's completely up to you.


Please ensure you enter the email address linked to your PayPal account once you have registered to be a brand ambassador. If you haven't got a PayPal account, you can set one up for free here.


If you are referring to different countries, for example UK to US, US to UK, you will need to set up a different link in each country. The UK link will work in the UK market, and the US link will work in the US market. However you can set up the same discount code which will work in all markets, for example if your resin brand is called I Love Resin, your code could be ILOVERESIN for use in the UK, EU and US.


In our Facebook Community Group we are starting to share weekly guidance to help you share your links and maximise the benefits you can get through being a brand ambassador. Join the group if you haven’t already and head to the guide section or search #brandambassador in the Topic section of the group to find out all the information that’s been shared so far.



Creating courses and teaching others your resin skills:


Last year we created Craft Resin Academy so that we can collaborate with artists and share courses that will help teach people who are new to resin, or who are switching to a different project than they have tried before. This platform houses a multitude of courses dedicated to all things resin related. 


We are looking for more artists to join our Academy as instructors, sharing their knowledge and skills on how they create their signature resin artwork/projects to teach others. Our mission with this is to make the world of resin accessible for all to learn, once they get the correct instructions from professional artists.


If you are an established resin artist and you have skills that you could share with others by creating pre-recorded video instructional content, then click on the link below:


Become a Craft Resin Academy Instructor


You will find more information about how to create a course through the link above and you will also have the full support of the Craft Resin team for guidance should you need us.


Our courses are free courses, once you have created a course and uploaded it to our platform, we will then pay you in Gift Cards to spend on Craft Resin, essentially giving you free resin/mica powders (the amount of which is  agreed between us and the resin artists prior to the course being published). The you have the chance to earn 10% commission through the sharing of your personalised referral links on your course. Anyone learning from your course, will need resin to create their work, and they can purchase through your link/code supporting you directly.


You will get to also share any courses that you create with your own audiences, further validating your expertise as a resin artist and helping to build your brand up further.



We hope this has helped to open your eyes to the possibilities that creating with resin can give to you. The world is changing, people are moving away from working 9-5 traditional jobs, could a resin business or brand partnership give you the escape from this life that you’re craving?


We guess you’ll never know till you try!


Team Craft Resin



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