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My name is Karen and I started using resin for artwork about three years ago. For me it was a break away from my job of being a midwife. I love being a midwife it is so rewarding but comes with a great deal of stress and worry as well, so I needed a hobby where I could just let go and my mind could relax and wonder. I found that I can literally do anything if I put my imagination into gear and for me it sorted out my anxiety issues and I felt great when I went off in a little world of my own.
I always want to try different colours and new techniques and pour the resin in different ways to achieve different effects. My favourite is a direct pour where I pour right onto the board and build up the artwork bit by bit, but I love the randomness of a dirty pour and you can never quite guess what it going to happen.
I started out small and used acrylic paint mixed with the resin and canvas and after many successes and even more failures I found what works for me. Now I use wood boards of all shapes and sizes and use mica powders and resin opaque dye to add colour to the resin.
I love experimenting with crushed glass and crystals and found they make amazing textures and have amazing effects with resin and now getting orders for my artwork.
I found craft resin a few months ago now and it is the only resin I use now. I love how I can use it safely and that my children can get involved and don't complain that it has a smell. I feel safe even them using it and have got them involved in pouring their own artwork.
I wouldn't class myself as an artist, but resin makes and artist out of me and i love how people want something i have created not only in their house but on their wall for all to see.

https://www.craft-resin.com/blogs/news/karen-hooper-artist-from-the-ukKaren Hooper Craft Resinhttps://www.craft-resin.com/blogs/news/karen-hooper-artist-from-the-ukKaren Hooper Craft ResinKaren Hooper Craft Resinhttps://www.craft-resin.com/blogs/news/karen-hooper-artist-from-the-uk

Tags: Artists

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