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Kat - Artist from the UK

Who am I? 

Hi, my name is Kat and I run a small business called Primrose Designs UK! 

I first started working with resin epoxy art during the COVID-19 lockdown! I had nothing to do and decided to start something new! 

I loved the look of some coasters I saw one day which were real agate stone but they were £20 each, yes each!! 

So I decided I was going to make my own! Once I made some things of clear epoxy art, my friends loved the look of them and I just started making more and more every day and selling them! 

To this day, I still don’t have my own coasters as I keep selling them! 

What we do and sell! 

I do my resin business alongside a little part time job but hopefully one day it can become a full time job! 

I have the help from my sister, Johanna, and my dad, Stephen! Whenever I am super busy with orders of art resin they will always be painting or packaging for me! 

We sell primarily coasters from clear art epoxy, but also keychains, bookmarks, serving boards, decorative trays and wedding favours! 

We have an Etsy shop called PrimroseDesignsUK. I was so shocked and excited when my first order came in and it literally hasn’t stopped since I set it up which is fab! 

Craft Resin 

We have been using Craft Resin for a while now. The quality of the two part epoxy resin is like no other! And we have tried a few resins but this was the winner for us! 

We are also super excited to see that new products are on their way from them! Cannot wait to get my hands of some of their colour mica powders! 

Social Media

If you want to follow us on our socials we would love that! The amount of love and support we get through these is a huge deal to us! 

Facebook: Primrose Designs UK 

Instagram: @primrosedesignsuk 

TikTok: PrimroseDesignsUK 



Thanks for taking the time to read our blog! We will continue making beautiful products and hope you stumble across our Etsy store soon! 


Primrose Designs UK

Kat - Artist from the UKKat - Artist from the UKKat - Artist from the UK

Kat - Artist from the UKKat - Artist from the UKKat - Artist from the UK

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