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Katherine Pierantoni, Resin Artist - @goldenhour.creations - Craft Resin US

Hi there! My name is Katherine Pierantoni and I am the creator of Golden Hour Creations. I am 26 years old and from Austin, Texas.



I am a Registered Nurse and specialize in pediatric hematology/oncology, which is blood diseases and cancer in children. I haven’t been able to work for months due to many health issues which keep me from doing the job that I love. While I haven’t been working, I have gone through some rough periods because I’m not living my typical life and instead living one that leaves me in pain most of the time.


When I was a teenager, I went through a lot of health issues as well, and during that time I had started doing resin as a way to distract myself from what was going on in my life. I did resin work for about a year and mostly made keychains and small pendants for necklaces and earrings. I had lots of fun with it but eventually grew out of it and stopped doing it.


However, my mom suggested that I start doing it again, when I started having health issues again, as a creative outlet. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t think I would be very good at it, but I watched a couple YouTube videos and got out all my old supplies that were hidden away and gave it a try.



The first thing I tried making was a coaster and I was so happy with how it turned out. I got so much joy from making it and then seeing the final result. The whole process was fun for me and I hadn’t had much fun in my life over the last year.


From that first coaster I just started making more and more items, and making different designs, using my own creativity. I had some experience at it from before, as a teen, but I think using any kind of new material in the art world you tend to get a little nervous. I was so scared I was going to mess it up and leave tons of bubbles or not mix in the colors correctly, or just something was going to go wrong. And, most of all, I was terrified of the torch gun!! I never used one of those before. I just used a normal lighter but every video I watched used a torch gun, so I went ahead and ordered one. I was so scared of getting burned but it ended up being so easy to use and, in my opinion, was much safer to use than a lighter.




I started by doing resin every afternoon, as that’s when I usually have the most energy, and I slowly feel like I have just gotten better and better. While growing my skills, I am loving doing resin work again even more. I truly find happiness in doing it every day and I like being able to express myself through my work.


I love creating coasters because there are just so many different styles to do that the options are truly endless. My absolute favourites are definitely the jewellery trays that I make with multiple layers. I like being able to choose what lyrics or quotes to put into them, flowers, stickers, glitters, whatever.., and then the final colors on the last layer. I love making all of the layers match and come together to make a cohesive tray that looks good once it’s all done.



I just started my resin business a little while ago, it’s very new and hardly even up and running yet. I wanted to have a reason for making my resin pieces, instead of just letting them sit all over my apartment. I also really wanted to share how beautiful they can be with other people. I haven’t really done a whole lot of work with my business yet. I’m still trying to grow it and learn how to navigate around having a small business. I didn’t start doing resin again to make money. I just did it to have a hobby and a creative outlet again.


Creating resin has given me something to do with my free time and something to enjoy when I really have been missing that lately in my life. When you live with chronic pain and chronic health issues, like I do, a lot of the time your normal enjoyable things are taken away or changed and I haven’t been able to do a lot of the things I enjoy anymore. Doing resin has given me something to look forward to doing and it lets me use my brain in ways that I haven’t in a while. I have found lots of comfort and happiness from creating with resin again.



My advice to anyone who is starting out with resin is to just be creative! I would suggest watching Youtube videos to learn about the safest ways to use resin and techniques to get the best results. There are so many ways to do resin and it will turn out so beautifully almost no matter what you do so there’s no harm in trying.


I was so scared to start but I am so happy that I did, and I think anyone else who is hesitant about starting will end up feeling the same way. Nothing turns out perfect the first time, but with practice it gets so much easier and your able to put your own spin onto it!




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