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Hello my name is Laura and I am the artist and owner of Resin by Bloom Studio. 



So how did I get here? Well my background is quite mixed, as an artist I have a diploma in art and design and a degree in Art history. As a professional I have mainly worked in charities, retail and most recently as an estate agent. However, a short stint into a career-change and I realised that I wanted to do something more creative and something for myself. The realism of that is however only part of it and at the time I still wasn't sure exactly what form that creativity would take and then Instagram… Yes, Instagram has a lot to answer for. I found myself delving into the creative world of resin and spending hours watching other artists create beautiful works of art, until my now fiance encouraged me to buy some resin and some moulds and have a go myself. 12 months on and a lot of resin, moulds, glitter and bubbles! later and I’m ready to show the world what I am making. 



Starting out with resin was pretty daunting at first, although I have an art background and had used a lot of different mediums in the past the chemical aspect and cost of mistakes was something that originally held me back, I went through quite a few different brands of resin and had various issues. Amine blush has been my enemy for the last year, bubbles i’ve learned to love the few that remain and curing issues had me frustrated at times. Having said that, taking the time to do the research and investing in the right tools has proven to be the best approach.


If you are at all nervous about starting out I highly recommend following all the artist's that you admire, ask questions, watch tutorials and practice and if it’s something you gain a real passion for then my next bit of advice would be spend that bit extra on the quality tools and supplies. It does end up making a difference and this is why I tag my choice of resin in my posts because one of the biggest mistakes I made at the start was trying to cut costs, whilst that is important as a business and possible in certain aspects, quality is important to me and Craft Resin is the resin that works best for me and what I want to achieve.


I have gained a real passion not only for resin as a medium itself but the challenge it offers me, whether that be a particular technique to learn or something has gone wrong, how do I solve that? Even when at times I wanted to cry due to another failed attempt at the “perfect” coaster - please believe me when I say it’s perfect to other people and don’t be so hard on yourself - I still had a passion to keep going.



I love creating coaster’s they are one of my favourite things to make, like little pieces of art that also serve a function and look beautiful on your coffee table. Having just bought my first house functional art was something I started to lean towards and at Resin by Bloom Studio that’s exactly what we wanted to offer, Art but also with a function. Having said that, just looking beautiful in a home is a function right? Yes, so pieces for the home have a special place for me. Floral designs are a particular favourite of mine, give me some alcohol inks and demolding is always a surprise and that is part of where the passion comes from with resin, resin moves, its fluid and it blooms with each unique creation. 



As of March 2022 I am now a full time, self employed artist! My previous job has come to its natural end and I am in a fortunate enough position to be able to take the leap with my little business. Starting out is very daunting and something I have planned out to the best I can over the past year but I am by no means an expert in business. I do believe however that if you enjoy what you do and why you are doing it then you can do anything you set your mind to. Even if that’s running a business from your spare room.


It’s good to have aspirations and to check in on those from time to time, this time 12 months ago I wanted to have a little studio in my own home and now I have achieved that i’ve found a new aspiration and one day hope to have a little bricks and mortar store of my own - keep track of the things you achieve because when you're next unsure of taking the leap you can remind yourself of what your capable of and take it one goal at a time and practice, practice is key!



Speaking of the future, it is a very exciting time for me both Professionally and personally. I am getting married! In March 2023 to a very supportive fiance who has learnt to accept the multitude of parcels that get delivered on a regular basis - (I think I have a slight mould addiction, or somewhat related to a magpie, shiny!) and professionally I am hoping to launch a resin flower preservation service, I am in awe of the bridal bouquets and will certainly be giving it a go with my wedding flowers. Wish me luck!


Well I hope this has been somewhat interesting and inspiring, resin really is a brilliant medium and it is actually a very accessible and learnable craft - if you are starting out and have any questions feel free to follow my journey and I’ll happily help where I can with any of your questions and tips that might be helpful. 


Thank you,



Artist & Owner @resinbybloom 

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