The holiday season is over! But now we go on to February 14, when we celebrate St. Valentine 💙

So that you may all feel inspired and have time to do some of these wonderful creations yourselves, we launched this year's Valentine's inspiring blog a couple of weeks early.

Flowers are nice, but why not give your special someone a gift that will endure as long as your love does? Resin art is a wonderful, long-lasting present. You must use the best and quality epoxy resin for crafting.

You may own a resin shop, and around this time of year, you'd want to make some Valentine's Day-themed gifts to offer, reminding consumers that they can give a present that will last forever in the form of an epoxy resin masterpiece. This is a fantastic point of differentiation (USP) for your company throughout the holiday gift-giving season.



As you read this blog, you'll see examples of some recent resin works that have left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside—just the way Valentine's Day should. You may view the works in their full splendor by clicking on the photos, which will lead you to the artists' profiles on various social media platforms.

Let's begin with the resin spiration...

Sentimental Gift: Love Addict Tray

The lovely Love Addict tray seen on this week's blog cover comes first. Jamie, the proprietor of the resin company designed this great, colorful, and upbeat tray. Think about how your Valentine's Day crafts will be used throughout the house, not just on February 14 but all year. Consumers in the year 2023 will be highly aware of their impact on the environment. As a result, they want to avoid buying novelty products that will be discarded immediately following a single use. For someone who has everything, a resin tray might be the ideal practical, enduring, attractive, and heartfelt present:


Check out her course on our platform to learn from Jamie's example and make your tray. Check out her Winter Tray Course to learn how to make a tray with epoxy resin kit like the one seen above; switch up the color scheme for a Valentine's Day version.

Resin Clutch Bag with Flowers

The next item on our resin-inspiration list is this lovely and functional Resin Clutch Bag with flowers preserved within it. Subaitha, of the Resin by @touchesofsu brand, crafted this beautiful piece. The recipient would be overjoyed to receive something traditionally gorgeous on Valentine's Day. We also enjoy that, unlike a bouquet, these flowers may be tailored to the recipient's tastes and can last a lifetime:


Love Sign With Lights

Next up is a great LOVE sign with lights incorporated in the resin, perfect for making your works pop out, whether day or night. Think of it as a centerpiece for your Valentine's Day meal or a sideboard accompaniment as you and your sweetheart watch a movie together on the couch. Sarah, the proprietor of the resin company @art_of_resin., conceived of and executed this undertaking. Make sure to check out Sarah's feed, which is filled with fantastic resin ideas:


Heart Popping

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day if lovely resin hearts didn't suddenly materialize around you. We appreciate that Alex, the creator of the @alexthealchemyst brand, has used colors other than red and pink to make these lovely Resin Heart Coasters, which is a nice departure from the typical Valentine's Day fare. Not everyone will gravitate toward the more conventional pinks and reds associated with Valentine's Day, so don't be afraid to branch out. Making anything in the shape of a heart, in whatever color, will still be appreciated by those searching for Valentine's Day presents.


Keeping with the blog's general Valentine's Day theme of hearts, here are a few other takes on the classic shape to spark ideas and get you thinking outside the box.

Vivid Pill Heart

Check out @prescription_resin Ayanna's gorgeous Pill Heart Project to kick things off. Dr. Ayanna draws inspiration from her medical career and her unending love of color combinations in her bold home décor pieces and quirky wall art to provide maximum delight and improve her clients' spaces. We frequently feature Ayanna's creations because they are constantly fresh and innovative, challenging our conventional understanding of resin art. She's used her expertise in medicine and resin, two different yet complementary fields, and created some very remarkable works:


Heart Resin Clock

This Resin Heart Clock is really pretty! The heart-shaped design and the lovely flower arrangements employed within the resin clock give this undertaking a strong Valentine's Day vibe. If you or someone you care about struggles to keep accurate time, this would be a lovely and useful Valentine's Day present. Carolyn of the resin company made this beautiful clock:


Heart Necklaces

The gorgeous and varied resin heart necklaces by @bohocreations003. Leanne are our next foray into resin jewelry. Jewelry is a popular and appreciated present on holidays like Valentine's Day and all year round. If you decide to start a resin company but discover that your heart necklaces don't sell on Valentine's Day, don't worry; you can always keep making and selling them throughout the year.


Heart Earrings

Below are a pair of resin heart earrings that Leanne also made; they're lovely and would make many people very happy if you gave them to them for Valentine's Day. Think about all the possible resin jewelry designs, color schemes, molds, and encased objects. Leanne's feed is full of incredible creations, including jewelry made from resin, so if you're looking for inspiration, you should check it out. This can only be possible with the help of epoxy resin and hardener.



Resin Heart Pot

Creative, non-traditional thinking! Like this fantastic Resin Heart Pot by Clare from @cla_resin, you may make various objects in Valentine's Day colors and designs that feature hearts. This pot is adorable and would be perfect for storing Valentine's Day candies or other little gifts for your sweetheart. Make custom Valentine's Day gifts for your audience, and they can make them in various colors and patterns once the holiday is over. You'll be able to capitalize on the holiday's popularity much beyond its original intent:


Flower Coasters

From lovely heart-shaped planters to breathtaking heart- and flower-shaped coasters with a conventional coaster base and a modern Valentine's Day spin in the form of gold heart and flower pictures. If you run a resin business, this is a fantastic idea because you don't have to buy expensive heart-shaped molds that you'll only use once a year for Valentine's Day. Instead, you can adapt traditional coaster molds to create valentine's day themed coasters by adding the appropriate imagery to the top and then sealing it with a clear coat of resin. Nadine from @resin_kreativwelt produced these amazing works of art, and we like her work and branding because of the great sense they give off.


Encapsulated Heart Coaster

Are you also getting Beauty and the Beast feelings from our next creation? The utilization of deeper tones and colors, coupled with the solitary enclosed rose in this wonderful Heart Coaster, is an amazing touch to this creation. If you want to invest in specialized heart molds, you should do so because they may offer many projects, such as a wonderful look, all year long, not only on Valentine's Day. Chrissy from @standtogetheruk has made another incredible product, which you can see below. If you're new to resin art and want to make anything like the examples below, check out our YouTube channel, where Chrissy helps many of our artists develop their talents.


Heart Coasters

These sophisticated pink and gold resin heart coasters are another attractive option for decorating your home for Valentine's Day. Adding a gold leaf or border makes a conventional design seem more sophisticated and wealthy. You can't go wrong with these understated accents for your Valentine's Day gifts. If you're looking for gorgeous resin inspiration like these coasters, follow @karenka_shop_ and its creator, Svetlana.


Next, check out some of @creativetouchesbybeth wonderful resin heart designs. Including unique emotive flowers within these heart-shaped crafts and ideas for Valentine-themed projects not only amps up the amount of love gifting by several notches but also gives off all the love sensations associated with the holiday. If someone you care about gives you a bouquet on Valentine's Day, you may sell them an alternative that will stay long after the holiday has passed:

Resin Heart Photo Holders

These Resin Heart Photo Holders by resin designer Cristina of the company @ma_cresin cresin are adorable. The druzy insert used to make the crystals at the top of these exquisite works of art gives them an air of sophistication and luxury. Do you have any experience with druzy inserts? However, our course website has a druzy insert tutorial.

We wish you could all experience the passion and inspiration that went into making these wonderful resin valentines for this site. We still have two more examples to show you, and then it will be up to you to use these as models for your inventions.

The following is another stunning example of a resin heart craft, this time with a distinctive and lovely pattern that uses pinks, whites, and browns. Various coloring methods and materials allow you to create some very interesting textures in your projects, which we appreciate. Anna of the resin company @ajcreates247 crafted the below item with much care. Anna's feed is full of fantastic resin inspiration, so check it out. To get a detailed explanation of Anna's process for developing the colors and textures in this work, please click on the image below.

Now we come to our final piece; we've kept the best for last since it's so enchanted. This gorgeous 3D resin heart project was done by Alex of the resin firm @magically_resin. It contains resin, gold leaf, and cement to construct it. Alex can always think outside the box and come up with brilliant ideas. This is reason we love Alex and she joined our YouTube Channel to make tutorials.

We think we should all take her lead and have some creative fun when working with resin, as she does.

For her original work, she chose the term

"Alabaster Soul."

What a lovely idea for a blog — I'm sure you've all found some new Valentine's Day-themed projects to work on from browsing this. In that case, you may do it with the help of the versatile Craft Resin products by replenishing your clear epoxy resin kit immediately.


Craft Resin Store

There is no end to the things you can make with resin; have a great time, and be sure to put some of your own heart into whatever you do. Artists, you inspire us every day, so please accept our sincere gratitude for allowing us to highlight your work in this week's blog.

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