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Resin By Ren is becoming one of the most well known and admired resin artists in the UK, if you've seen her work you'll know why! If you haven't seen her work yet, you need to check it out:




Born and raised in the heart of London, with a Turkish background; Ren has always had a creative side to her.

Going back since she was a child, she has always been obsessed with Art & Design. It was this passion that led her to first get a degree in Interior Architecture; then moving on to achieving a Diploma in Architecture (RIBA Part II) at CASS, London Metropolitan University.


Ren obtained two scholarship trips with Maurice Mitchell’s ARCSR (Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources) through the CASS and had the privilege to work, both as a student and research assistant, in a peri-urban settlement in Nepal that was greatly affected by the 2015 earthquake. 


Ren was looking for a new creative outlet to sink her teeth into, and found herself exploring the world of epoxy resin art! She instantly loved the new challenge, and turned out she picked up some tricks no one else had thought of yet!


Ren would make resin art pieces for herself, friends and family. She started getting more and more requests from friends & family to the point they kept suggesting she open an online store. It was a big step to jump into and in just a few months later she had sent her resin art pieces ALL OVER THE WORLD!


Ren feels like she has finally found something that is ‘her’. She's being creative, learning new skills and she's now genuinely excited to wake up each morning to start a new day!


Ren is now passionate about sharing her resin skills with others so they can also find joy through letting their creative flow out of them.



Through Ren's Ocean Beach Themed Coaster Course you will learn how to work with epoxy resin including multiple different ways to colour it. You will learn her mixed media methods to upgrade your art work to the next level! Create a unique art piece with eye-catching glamour - it's easier that you think!

What you'll learn:
  • How to design your geode and mix and layer different colours and media to achieve gorgeous results with shine and depth.
  • How to finish your resin art piece - including finishing, framing and hanging methods.
  • Multiple different styles, sizes and materials are covered, not just one method, so you will be confident when making your own unique creations.


So what are you waiting for, jump into this course and learn from the top of the industry how to create beautiful, high end resin coasters like Ren!


Visit the course website to see more information about this course and others. Courses are added weekly, so keep checking back to see whats available to take your resin skills to new heights:

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