Rachel Jeffery, artist from the UK

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Rachel Jeffery - artist from the UK

I started working with resin this year after months of trying to think of a crafty project I can do at home to start my own little side business. I had seen lots of videos of people making beautiful resin pieces and wanted to have a go myself!
My mum actually helped me get the full works to start up which included craft resins 1L resin.
It was so easy to use especially as a beginner and the work time was brilliant, it sets crystal clear with next to no micro bubbles which gives better clarity.
I started off with keyrings which began to sell almost instantly, I then moved on to coasters and Mothers Day items.
Now I am making personalised items using photos and I have even set someone's cats tooth in a little heart!
Resin is so versatile and you can make so many beautiful unique items with it, it kept me occupied for 2 months during lockdown too!
Some little tips of you are starting out....
1) always use silicone mats to work on!
2) wear gloves!! I made this mistake and I couldn't get the stuff off my hands!
3) allow your pieces to set on a completely flat surface
4) always fill to the top of your moulds


Rachel Jeffery - artist from the UKRachel Jeffery - artist from the UKRachel Jeffery - artist from the UK


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