Ren Story, artist from the UK

Ren Story, artist from the UK - Craft Resin US





Hello I’m Ren,
I am a mum of three beautiful children and have a wonderful life partner I have a passion for interior designing and creating bespoke homeware. My page is Home and style decor and I have been crafting with resin for a year now and have only recently started selling my items to a wide range of clients as far as Houston Texas.
I have loved using Craft resin the 1 2 1 mix makes it one of the easiest resins to work with, it has no odour and really no bubbles it’s amazing.

At Home and style decor we specialise in coaster, styling trays, cheese boards. My items are made to order for any occasion wedding, christening or dinner parties or just styling. Customisation requests are very welcome so feel free to get in touch!






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