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Resin Therapy: Discovering Myself in Epoxy Masterpieces

Resin Therapy: Discovering Myself in Epoxy Masterpieces

At Craft Resin, we believe in celebrating the artistry and passion of our incredible community. Today, we're thrilled to share the inspiring story of Jewel Luxuries, a talented resin artist from Rome, Italy. At 27 years old, Jewel balances her life as a mom, an economics student, and a creative force in the resin art world. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and resilience. Without further ado, let's hear from Jewel herself.

Jewel Luxuries with her husband and baby

Jewel Luxuries' Story

Hi, I’m Jewel Luxuries. I’m 27 years old, based in Rome, Italy. I’m a mom, an economics student at Unicusano, and a passionate resin artist. My journey with resin art is deeply personal and has been shaped by the inspiring women in my life – my grandmothers. They were not only great farmers but also incredible artisans who passed on their creativity and resilience to me. This is my story of how I turned a passion into a thriving creative outlet.

Jewel Luxuries


The Beginning

My passion for creating was born from the lessons I learned from my grandmothers. These two remarkable women taught me the value of reinventing oneself and the beauty of handmade crafts. Inspired by them, I began making cutting boards and coffee tables from wood and resin. These initial projects laid the foundation for my current work, which includes crafting "Ice Cubes" – blocks with incorporated flowers and objects from significant events and memories.

Resin and wood coffee table with embedded flowers

Creating pieces with such sentimental value requires a great deal of responsibility. Gaining people’s trust is crucial because each piece I make holds significant emotional weight for its owner. Every creation is a labor of love, passion, and many sleepless nights. It’s not just about putting and pouring resin; it’s about capturing memories and moments in a timeless form.

Discovering Epoxy Resin

The world of epoxy resin fascinated me immediately due to its innovative applications, especially for preserving wedding bouquets. I wanted to transform wedding flowers and other meaningful mementos into beautiful furnishings. This desire led me to discover flower preservation – a way to express myself creatively while offering something truly unique.

Resin art piece with sunflower and date 9 May 2024

Epoxy resin is an extraordinarily versatile material, but it requires practice and patience. I started with small projects to get the hang of drying times and mixing techniques. Every mistake was a learning opportunity, and I made plenty of them. Choosing the right epoxy resin was a journey in itself. Many resins yellow over time or are difficult to work with. After much trial and error, I found the perfect epoxy resin that met my standards.

The Challenges and Growth

Balancing my studies, work, and resin art was challenging. I did various jobs to support myself and pay for my education. Working around the clock taught me that real learning happens in the field. This hands-on experience motivated me to grow as a resin artist and delve into online business and marketing strategies for my university thesis.

Two resin art pieces with preserved flowers

My creative journey is deeply influenced by the love and support of my future husband, daughter, and family. Their encouragement keeps me going, even on the toughest days. Now, I share my art and knowledge with many people interested in learning about this booming sector. I’m proud to say that my reach has extended beyond Italy to international audiences, including my homeland.

Partnership with Craft Resin

I have always admired Craft Resin for its quality and innovation. When the opportunity arose to represent this amazing company, which aligns perfectly with my values of excellence and creativity, I didn’t hesitate. Craft Resin has brought significant added value to my brand, earning trust from clients and other brands. Being the first Filipino Resin Artist and Brand Ambassador in Italy is an honor I cherish deeply.



This partnership has strengthened my credibility and helped me maintain high standards in my creations. I firmly believe that our collaboration will continue to elevate both our brands, allowing us to achieve our goals together. I am eternally grateful to Craft Resin for this opportunity.

Advice for Aspiring Creators

My advice to aspiring resin artists is to experiment without fear. The resin art market is booming, and the potential for growth is immense. Resin creations are gaining popularity at fairs and markets, especially in the wedding and home furnishings sectors. To succeed, you need to find your niche, understand where and how to sell your creations, and educate your audience about the value of resin art.

My Motto and Future Aspirations

My motto is simple: "Always believe in yourself first and everything else will come by itself." There’s still a long way to go, but I have many exciting projects in the works. The future of Jewel Luxuries is bright, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.


My story with Jewel Luxuries is one of resilience, creativity, and unwavering dedication. Partnering with Craft Resin has been a game-changer, and I’m excited for the future. As I continue to create and share my knowledge, I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions fearlessly.

Stay tuned for more updates and creations from Jewel Luxuries, and remember to always believe in your creative journey.

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