Sadie Bird, Resin Artist - @resinisbeautyltd

Sadie Bird, Resin Artist - @resinisbeautyltd - Craft Resin US

Hi Guys, my name is Sadie, I am a resin artist and I have been working with resin now for 18 months. My resin brand is called Resin Is Beauty.



I was inspired to have a go creating resin projects myself, after seeing lots of beautiful social media posts.

It has been a real learning curve but I’ve enjoyed it every step of the way! My passion keeps growing and I really enjoy looking through all the beautiful creations that Craft Resin share on social media!



I have a crafting background as I used to make wax melts and candles, so I already had some experience with using moulds and pouring. Not that you really need any previous experience when creating with resin, but it can help if you do.

One of my favourite creations are my resin pyramids, I love that I can capture special memories and cast them inside forever.



Resin Is Beauty has naturally grown, from being a hobby in my spare time to having my own creations available on my website! I've had to overcome some obstacles, as I suffer from crohn's disease, but I’ve enjoyed every step of the way and I am looking forward to a bright and busy future for my business!

Having an illness shouldn't put you off giving a creative hobby a go, or starting your own business. You really can do anything you set your mind to these days and I'm living proof of what can be possible when you don't let something like crohn's disease get in your way!



Craft Resin has helped me so much to get the exposure on social media , and also with their amazing products, which always leave a flawless finish!

The best advice I could give to artists just starting out on their journey, or to anyone thinking of making the jump, to be confident and go for it! Make sure you always follow safety precautions, and give yourself the best start by using craft resin!!




Sadie is one of the artists who have chosen to align with our brand because she really enjoys creating with our brands products and the results they give her products. If you'd like to start creating with Craft Resin then use Sadies code/link below and get yourself a 10% discount off your order, while supporting Sadie too:



We hope these blogs inspire you to get creative too.


Team Craft Resin

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