What Is The Subscribe And Save Option That Craft Resin Offers?

What Is The Subscribe And Save Option That Craft Resin Offers? - Craft Resin

When you purchase Craft Resin products you are given the option to purchase through a one time purchase, or a subscribe and save option. Purchasing your items through our subscribe and save option will enable you to set up regular orders that will then automatically be processed on the date you set the subscriptions to come out on.


These are processed automatically, if you do not wish to receive regular orders and for regular payments to come out of your account to pay for these, please click on the one time purchase option.


Purchasing resin through our subscribe and save option does automatically give you a 15% discount on every order through your subscription, so this can allow you to make huge savings over time.


You chose how much resin you would like for your subscription orders and also how often you would like them to get processed automatically, the options are every week, two weeks, three weeks or four weeks.


Your first subscription order is processed for you immediately and then the orders after that are processed as per your choice above.



Can I change/cancel subscription?

You can make any changes to your subscription that you would like to. You can edit your payment details, your address, the amount of resin on order, the frequency, you can cancel your subscription or skip an order. If you need your resin sooner than originally planned you can also move the date of your next order forward.


I was wondering how I edit my subscription?

If you purchase through our subscription service you can make any changes you need yourself, simply head to the top blue bar on our website, click register, then you will gain access to your own Craft Resin account. You can make changes to your subscription when you log into your account.


If you have any problems making changes to your account, you can use the website contact form and the Craft Resin team can make changes for you. Simply get in touch letting us know your last order number and what changes you would like us to make, giving a few working days notice before your next subscription order is processed and we will make the changes for you.


You need to give our team notice to make changes as these orders are automatically processed, once the order has gone through and is on it's way to you, we cannot make any changes.


If you do realise you have set up a subscription service after your order has been delivered and you no longer require the resin, you will need to send this back to us in order to receive a refund, we cannot arrange for the parcel to be sent back to us, you would incur the cost for this.


Once we receive the parcel back, we will check it over then process the refund for you. The refund can then take a couple of days to be back in your bank account, depending on how fast your bank processes this refund their side.


How can i unsubscribe from receiving resin every month?

To unsubscribe simply, log into your account through our website following the steps above if you haven't already registered for an account. A section labelled Manage Subscription will appear, follow the instructions here to unsubscribe to receiving regular resin. Alternatively, contact us as before, giving a few working days notice once again.


If you have any further questions about our purchasing options please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, our team is always here to help.


Team Craft Resin

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