We introduced our Deep Pour Resin earlier this year. Because of this, we can now make a far wider variety of objects than was previously possible using our Low Viscosity Resin. Now that you can choose between two colors, our epoxy resin's crafting possibilities are endless.

This week on the blog, we'll discuss some of the possible projects with our resin, including both the Deep Pour Resin and the Low Viscosity Resin.

Epoxy resin and hardener may be used for all the tasks listed here; artists are always developing novel applications for this material.

If you want to make something that isn't here, do it! The beauty in your work will emerge from your willingness to take risks, explore your imagination, and attempt something new.

Resin Tableware:

The resin may be fashioned into a diverse range of functional dinnerware in several forms. Because it is possible to color and design resin in a wide range of ways, you can create tableware that is distinctively tailored to the preferences of both you and the customers who buy it.

The following items are typical examples of popular dinnerware:

  • Resin Coasters
  • Resin Trays
  • Resin Wine Butlers
  • Resin Bowls
  • Wood/Resin Chopping Boards

While the fundamental processes for working with epoxy resin are the same, the specific tools and molds you'll need for different jobs may vary.

Our Low Viscosity resin is ideal for most of your smaller dinnerware tasks. For those working on more manageable-sized projects, we offer Low Viscosity resin in bottles of several sizes.

Since most tasks involving dinnerware are on the thin side, you won't have to worry about adjusting your methods to make thicker items. If your finished product will be more than 1/4" thick, we recommend learning the necessary layering skills or utilizing our Deep Pour resin.

Coasters made from resin are fantastic because they can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius) after curing for 21 days. The resin may become slightly pliable at these temperatures but will solidify as it cools down. The surface of most coasters is impervious to heat and will not be damaged by a hot cup. These numbers represent our Low Viscosity resin, and the temperatures at which we achieve Deep Pour are somewhat lower.

We have a site dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of working with resin to create basic resin coasters, so if you're interested in getting into this sort of thing, you can start learning the ropes right here. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you may combine other projects and experiment with color and pattern.

 In addition, you may learn how to make a variety of resin creations by watching one of our many free video guides.

Craft Resin YouTube Tutorials

Resin crafting is an art form and a highly soothing hobby. As a bonus, you end up with fantastic works of art that you can proudly show off at home, give as presents, or use as inventory in your resin company.

Products like resin tableware projects do very well in the marketplace since everyone needs them, and they may provide a lot of visual appeal to a living space. The fact that they may be made in any color the client desires to complement their decor best is a major selling factor for such jobs.

 Resin Tables/Countertops:

The availability of Deep Pour resin means that now is the time to experiment with more substantial resin applications, such as making resin river tables or resin worktops. It is best suited for smaller projects since too much heat is generated while mixing our Low Viscosity resin. This new resin generates less heat during mixing, allowing for greater productivity. It's ideal for use in bigger resin projects.

Creating and selling resin river tables may be a successful business because of the increased demand for such unique pieces.

As an alternative to traditional stone or wood worktops, resin countertops have recently surged in popularity.

Before attempting a huge project using our brand's resin, it's best to get comfortable with the basic procedures by first working on a smaller one. Remember that mastering resin might take time and that your skills must be spot-on to make massive, immaculate creations.

Please read this and conduct more study before attempting a large construction since we have additional online information for making worktops/countertops.

 Resin Artwork:

Protecting and glossing up your artwork using epoxy resin is a terrific idea. Alternatively, you may use it to make your piece of Geode Artwork.

Geode-: A geode would make a stunning addition to any museum or house. Resin Geode art is more three-dimensional than traditional paintings and may have hypnotic color combinations and intricate designs.

 Crystals may be added to your Geode artwork, or resin crystals can be made.

Covering art-: The most common application of Craft Resin is for covering artwork. To protect and beautify works of art, we developed a resin that can be applied as a coating. The artwork may be easily covered with our Low Viscosity resin.

Our resin has anti-yellowing qualities and UV protection to shield your artwork from environmental damage and keep colors appearing as vibrant as they did when they were first painted.

If you plan on coating your artwork in epoxy resin, be careful to use non-oil-based paints and give them plenty of time to cure before applying the resin since the process might take weeks.

Resin Memorial Art/Gifts:

Ashes-: Because of its durability and environmental resistance, epoxy resin gallon is an excellent material for making memorials that will last for generations.

If this is your first time working with resin, it's best to experiment with something less priceless the first time or two. Resin is a tricky medium, and we wouldn't want you to waste your precious ashes or flowers by making something that doesn't come out the way you hoped it would because you didn't follow the proper technical procedures.

Flower keepsakes-: If you've recently gotten married and would like to preserve your bridal bouquet for all time, encasing the flowers in resin is a terrific option.

While we maintain a blog devoted to using epoxy resin with flowers, we urge you to consult a professional resin artist who works with such materials regularly if you are still determining how to proceed with your unique bouquet.

Photo memories-: Sometimes, individuals want to preserve photographs for posterity by embedding them in resin. Photographs can be preserved in a resin frame, which can be fashioned in several ways.

Although we would love to explain encasing photographs in resin comprehensively, we do not have the resources to do so now.

Resin Statues:

We don't mean monumental sculptures like you may put in a yard, but rather the figurines and statuettes seen within people's houses.

The members of our Facebook Community Group often do similar projects, and they always turn out well.

Some examples of sculptures that would work well when cast in resin are as follows:

  • Resin Pyramids.
  • Resin Skulls.
  • Resin Bears.
  • Resin Goddesses.
  • Letters/Wording.

When it comes to creating sculptures using resin, your options for molds are restricted to those that are available for purchase, those that you can manufacture yourself, or those that you can have made for yourself.

Creating resin sculptures such as Pyramids can need a significant amount of resin. Because of this, using our Deep Pour resin is a better alternative for you while doing so, as you will be able to make these statues using fewer layers than when using our Low Viscosity resin.

You can learn how to construct projects like this with our Deep Pour resin by reading the instructions here.

 Resin Lights:

Adding lighting makes many bulkier projects, such as sculptures, look fantastic. Resin sculptures with lights inside make a room appear inviting, particularly during the gloomy winter months.

If you're interested in learning more about incorporating lights into epoxy resin projects, we maintain a blog with detailed instructions.

Animal Tags:

As cured resin is so light, it's perfect for things like animal tags for collars, which may otherwise cause discomfort to the animals.

Bone-shaped, heart-shaped, rectangular, and paw print-shaped molds are also available. To make it simple to attach them to a collar, the molds have a protruding piece that can accommodate a chain.

Tags may be made in various colors, and the pet's name can be engraved on a resin sticker that can be permanently sealed with another layer of transparent resin.

If you decide to sell such items, you must warn that pets shouldn't use them to gnaw off their ID tags. Any animal should not ingest these tags due to potential toxicity.

Tea-Light Candle Holders:

After curing for 21 days, our Low Viscosity Craft Resin can withstand temperatures up to 200F (93C), while our Deep Pour Craft Resin can withstand temperatures up to 180F (80C).

Despite their aesthetic potential, it's important to use caution while using tea light holders. In most cases, the resin will only be close to the flame if the tea light holder's sides are extremely high. Keep an eye on your tea light candle if you must use a real one.

A battery-operated tea light is a safer alternative because it won't get hot enough to melt the resin, even if left unattended.

Avoiding having flames near resin in the first place is always preferable to removing the damage later.


Epoxy resin, much like animal tags, may be hardened into a relatively lightweight material, making it ideal for jewelry.

You, or your customers, may express your individuality by creating a wide variety of jewelry.

  • Resin Earrings, Hoops, studs, dangly ones, the lot!
  • Resin Necklaces.
  • Resin Bangles.
  • Resin Hair Clips.

Almost anything may be made into jewelry using Craft Resin; the only limitation is your creativity. You may find a variety of mold makers that will gladly produce custom molds for you, or you can make your own. Almost anything is within your grasp.

Nowadays, a lot of people are looking for one-of-a-kind, custom-made items. Whether it's resin jewelry or resin coasters, you can entirely tailor your creations to the recipient's likes, color scheme, and even the season using this versatile material.

If you have an idea for a creation that isn't on the list above, don't worry; it's still possible; it may require more trial and error than the examples given. Craft Resin products are extremely adaptable. If you have any questions about whether the epoxy resin suits your project, please contact us, and we'll provide you with all the information you need to make something unique.

 What will you make first?

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