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Surprise, surprise; it turns out that we're not the only Resin brand available. The use of transparent the best epoxy resin for beginners has been more popular in the United Kingdom over the past several years, and artists now have a wide variety of brands from which to choose.


There are many brands to choose from, but we're here to tell you why it's in your best interest as an artist to settle on one and stick with it for the long haul.



Before we go any further, we'd want to point out that Craft Resin is only one of many things you'll need to utilize because we're a small company with a restricted product range. The point is to be loyal to the goods and brands you enjoy using the most rather than trying something new now and again.


Affiliate programs, such as our Collabs platform, are available via most manufacturers of the items you use. After signing up and creating a unique link/code to promote the resin items you love, you can start making money simultaneously.

This is a handy device if you're looking to diversify your revenue streams beyond your core resin company. When the market for the sale of your projects diminishes, your revenue will also reduce. This is true of any firm that depends on sales to create money. Having several income streams ensures that there will always be some available.



You're all probably using social media, and you're probably posting your creations there. You're also sharing the materials you use to make those items. Many of you will share a product you've used, explain why you like it and the value it adds to your work, and provide a discount link or coupon for that product to switch to another product the following week. This can throw off your audience, making them less likely to trust you even when you recommend "the best" things.


Selling strategies on social media have evolved dramatically during the past few years. People no longer believe in advertisements or huge social media influencers since they know these accounts might be paid to promote things they don't enjoy. Human beings have so developed a natural resistance to being sold.


Sharing your initiatives, the goods of the businesses you're affiliated with, and the reasons why your audience would benefit from them, is crucial for making sales in the modern day. If consumers don't believe you care about them, they won't buy from your company. Changing the items you use and suggest to your audience is a certain way to lose their faith in your judgment.



But when people realize that you regularly use a particular brand's products, appreciate them, share value with them, and perhaps show them some secrets or tips you use with those projects/items, they perceive you as a reliable expert in the field. Someone is looking out for them, not simply for the sale or commission.


But how can you choose which brand you should continue using? We understand how difficult it may be to pick just one option in today's market, particularly if companies constantly ask you to endorse their product one week and another the following week. You have to come to a conclusion and then stand by it, even if other people try to convince you otherwise; if they do, you have to decline their offer politely. And it's perfectly OK to do that; brands won't feel insulted since they fully see the reasoning behind what you're doing.


There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a company whose products you feel good about endorsing:

1. How would you rate the quality of their goods? Is it safe to rely on them, and do your initiatives thrive while using their products like craft resin epoxy resin kit? Do they have a low learning curve, and might a novice start seeing benefits quickly? How do they stack up against other brands in terms of safety?


2. Are the brand's items reasonably priced, considering the quality you're receiving? Would the people in your target market feel they were worth the asking price? You want to ensure the product you're recommending isn't the most expensive, but it also shouldn't be the cheapest because the cheapest products employ the lowest components and may not be as effective or safe. In the same vein, it can only be the most expensive brand if you know that your target market places a premium on luxury goods.


3. What kinds of customer support and procedures exist for the brand you want to represent? If you were to share your link with your audience, and some of them decided to purchase due to your advice, what sort of relationship do you think they would have with the brand? What steps will the brand take to assist in problem-solving if one arises?


4. In what ways does the company wish to collaborate with you? Does the brand only care about what's in it for them, how it will affect their bottom line, or does the brand you'd like to associate yourself with have the best interests of you as an artist and your brand in mind? Do they want to assist you in growing your brand while also working together with you to assist in developing their brand more focused on cooperation than on "what's in it for me?"


5. Do you enjoy getting to know other artists who are already linked with that brand, working with them, and collaborating with them? If the artists are all vying for sales and commissions, the brand may have failed to build a community of artists who support and cheer for each other. On the other hand, the brand may have successfully built a community of artists who support and cheer for each other.



We hope all of these ideas will assist you as you think about the companies with whom you would like to collaborate and with whom you would wish to identify yourself. Suppose you anticipate devoting much of your professional life to collaborating with a brand over many years. In that case, you will want to ensure that the company in question is an excellent match for your professional and your brand.


When you identify yourself with a brand, it not only makes it easier for you to be consistent with your audience, but it also makes it easier for you to share your suggestions in a more genuine way and helps develop trust with your audience. Your audience will see right through anything phony; if you aren't truly delighted with the brand you're associated with, they will sense it, and they won't support your partnerships, which means you won't make any income, or very much revenue, from the collaboration.


  • We at Craft Resin have been working many hours behind the scenes to improve our capabilities in these areas.
  • We recognize that there is room for improvement in all business areas and always room for growth.
  • We firmly believe that we would obtain exceptionally good ratings if we polled artists on how well they thought we did on all the pieces compared to other brands on the market.


For the above reasons, we are confident we would receive excellent ratings.


Moreover, and perhaps most excitingly, we are currently working with some incredible resin artists who are helping us to improve not only what we can offer artists but also how we can help them and how we can all work together as one incredible community of inspiring, creative, and genuine humans to help spread the pure joy of creating with best deep pour epoxy resin.



This age is a watershed moment for the industry, and we also believe that the course our brand is setting is unprecedented. This is why we think it's important for you to consider choosing Craft Resin, not just because we have the resin and mica products you're looking for but also because of the opportunities for collaboration we can offer as a brand as we grow and help other artists develop their businesses.


Epoxy Resin USA may be purchased from our online store by clicking the button below. Anyone curious about working with resin may try it out with our Starter Kit, and there is a wealth of information accessible on our website to help you make the most of our products.


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If you're interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador and diversifying your income, please visit the link below that corresponds to the area of your target audience.


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After you apply, a team member will contact you to ensure a smooth onboarding process and offer assistance in expanding into more areas if your target demographic is very big. Our staff is here to assist if you have any questions or concerns about collaborating with us or promoting our brand to your audience. Please fill out the contact form if you have any questions or need assistance.


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