Epoxy resin is a challenging medium to break into, but we're here to make the transition as smooth as possible for you. Making things with epoxy resin is an artistic pursuit, and artistic pursuits are meant to be enjoyable.


If you feel like your confidence may use a boost when working with Craft Resin, then keep reading for some of our best advice on how to do just that.


Epoxy Resin


Tips to Use Resin


1. Make sure you've read and understood the directions:


We realize this may seem like stating the obvious. Still, every day we witness several errors in using our clear epoxy resin gallon that might have been avoided had the simple instructions been followed.


Each Craft Resin kit we sell includes a comprehensive How To Use handbook on the fundamentals of working with resin.


 We also provide digital versions of them on our site:


How To Use Craft Resin Low Viscosity


How To Use Craft Resin Deep Pour


Because the two types of our resin require somewhat distinct procedures, you must ensure that you have read the instructions that came with the product you are utilizing. Because the resin produced by our brand will operate somewhat differently from that produced by other brands, we ask that you not depend on any previous instructions from other brands. If you follow their directions when using our goods, you may experience project problems.



2. Perfection only comes with practice: 


Even once you've mastered the fundamentals, there's always a chance that your first few projects won't turn out exactly how you envisioned them. Practice makes perfect. It takes some time to experiment with different ways of working with your art medium, getting the colors and patterns just right, which is a stage you go through when you first begin. This stage is the same for all forms of artistic expression.


If you approach the process with the mindset that more practice equals better results and that every resin artist started where you are now (including the ones whose work you've been admiring online because it's the most gorgeous project ever!), you won't make any mistakes.


Put your energy towards having a good time with it, trying out new things, and seeing what you can come up with. You won't believe the things you can create with a little bit of resin!



3. Get proficient with any and all available resources:

Numerous resources are accessible for most resin lines, allowing you to master many methods. Learning more advanced techniques and expanding your resin repertoire should come after mastering the fundamentals and getting hands-on experience.


In the Resources part of our website, you can find a wide variety of helpful resources. New instructional videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel twice weekly. Moreover, in our web-based lessons. Follow the links below to access these various materials:



Your degree of self-assurance will significantly improve once you have spent some time learning skills from these resources and then applied those approaches when working with craft resin.



4. Participate actively in the community that exists online:


Becoming a member of a community is one approach to boost one's self-assurance when working with epoxy resin, and we have the perfect community for you right here!


Craft Resin Facebook Community Group


Several years ago, we decided to get together to start a group where artists who work with craft resin starter kit may share their experiences, techniques, and inspiration with one another. Over the years, the band has never ceased to amaze us. Its members are incredibly kind and helpful to one another and other musicians, and countless friendships have blossomed as a result.


Making anything from scratch may be a very isolating and unpleasant experience. Connecting with others who can relate to your experiences and inspire you might help you feel less alone and less frustrated.


As your knowledge and skill as a resin artist expand, thanks to the wealth of information shared on a daily basis, your self-assurance will increase. Plus, you never know when you might pass along helpful tidbits to the group's newer members.



5. Solicit personalized assistance from other artists:


You'll start to develop wonderful friendships with other artists once you've been a part of the community for some time and after creating for some time. When gaining self-assurance with resin, one of the quickest and most effective approaches is cultivating connections with other artists.


Friends are there for you through the ups and downs of life; they support you when you're doing well and help you get back on your feet when you're having a tough time or a string of problems. It is quite beneficial to cultivate friendships with other resin artists. Doing so enables you to share all of your knowledge and expertise with one another, boosting both your skills and your level of self-assurance.


We recognize that the majority of the artists with whom we collaborate and who we regularly exchange ideas are not, and should not be, in direct opposition to one another. There is just no reason for this to be the case. Even if the two of you create firms dealing with resin, there will still be more than enough demand in the market to satisfy everyone's needs. Therefore, make friends with one another, offer support and encouragement to one another, exchange resources, work together on social media, and perhaps even produce something together if you are able to do so in person; your self-assurance will soar in no time, and you will have a great time doing it together.


We really hope this week's article has been useful to you; if you have any more suggestions for becoming more comfortable working with epoxy resin, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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