It's about that time of year again when many kids are excited about the next summer break. Now that summer break is near; you might look for things to do with the kids. While it's OK to let your kids join in on the fun while working with resin, we want to ensure everyone stays safe if you decide to use our resin epoxy starter kit this summer or any time in the future.


Resin Epoxy Starter Kit


All brands are prepared somewhat differently. Thus, the advice in this blog may only apply to some of them or be as safe for use as it is for ours.


When should a child be old enough to use Craft Resin?


As parents, you already know that depending on their age, some children may be better suited to working with particular craft supplies. We recommend that children above the age of 12 utilize our products; nevertheless, children of any age should always be under the supervision of an adult when working with Craft Resin.


Despite the recommended age of 12, if you are concerned about your child's safety when working with epoxy resin, you should wait until they are older. You are the greatest advice on this since you know your children better than we do and because children mature at various rates depending on their age.


age to use Craft Resin


What kind of safeguards should I have my kid take?


In a word, yes. To safeguard your child's and your safety when working with our epoxy resin, follow the guidelines outlined in our safety blog:


Safety Guidance For Using Craft Resin

Although our resin is one of the safest on the market, this only holds if the instructions are followed, so please make sure that the room you are working in or curing your work in has adequate ventilation and that you wear respirators since you likely won't be able to tell if your ventilation is adequate, and that you take all necessary precautions to ensure that no skin comes into contact with the resin or hardener. This includes wearing gloves, clothing, and protective eyewear and purchasing children's go. 


As a precaution, please keep children away from the epoxy resin while you work on it since their sensitivity to chemicals may be higher than that of an adult.


Unlike adults, kids may not always be able to avoid touching their eyes, hair, and skin with gloved hands that may still contain epoxy resin. This is where you need to educate them and keep a close eye on them so that epoxy resin stays in predictable locations.


If epoxy resin gets on their/your skin, wipe it off with soap and warm water and keep an eye on them as soon as possible. If discomfort does develop, you must seek immediate medical attention. Even if you or your kid have never had an allergic reaction to the epoxy resin before, there is still a chance that you or they may.


Safety Guidance


Is it okay to leave my toddler unattended when working with epoxy resin?


When working with Craft Resin, children should always be supervised and have adult supervision. We do not recommend leaving children unattended. If your kid is 17 years old and has been working with epoxy resin for some time already. Then we would say that the danger of leaving them to work with epoxy resin alone would be minor. And you could perhaps take that risk if you needed to pop out of the room for a short period. If your child is younger than 17, the risk of leaving them to work with epoxy resin alone would be much higher.


However, doing so is at your own risk; you are the best judge of whether or not your child is old enough to have the maturity level necessary to understand how to use epoxy resin safely. Please consider if you or another responsible adult nearby is close enough to come and assist them if they require any assistance.


Having an adult supervise a kid while they work with epoxy resin is recommended, even though most of the advice for adults also applies to children.


All we can do as a company is provide this advice and encourage you to take it to heart. If any of the advice given above or on our safety blog is ignored. We disclaim all responsibility that may result. If you have any doubts about whether or not epoxy resin is safe for your child to work with. We recommend waiting until they are older to start working with it.


They may always begin learning about epoxy resin and studying before using it. So even if they are too young to begin producing right now, we recommend that they learn as much as possible to be prepared to begin when they are old enough. They will therefore have a significant advantage over many people who pick it up without knowing what they should do with it.


And one more thing before we part ways: just because you enjoy working with epoxy resin to make things doesn't imply your kids will too. You should ask them if they want to work with epoxy with you, but you should refrain from compelling them. If they feel like doing what has to be done, they will adhere to the instructions and responsibly use epoxy resin color powder.


If you decide to spend time with your children over the summer, we hope you make the most of the opportunity to encourage their creativity and have fun together.


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