What To Share With Your Customers When You Share Your Epoxy Resin Creations:

What To Share With Your Customers When You Share Your Epoxy Resin Creations: - Craft Resin

It's a good idea to provide instructions for your epoxy resin and hardener projects when you sell them to the public. Customers who are treated with respect and appreciation are more inclined to make more purchases in the future. Including project assistance as a client service is crucial to the success of your resin company.



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You can provide your clients with the following general advice:


1 - How to clean your epoxy resin purchases

2 - Where to display them

3 - Heat resistance

4 - Food safety guidance

5 - How to dispose of them if you need to


1 - How to clean your epoxy resin purchases

Since epoxy resin is plastic, it must be cleaned carefully; a soft, moist, or dry cloth will do the trick. Never use abrasive cleaning agents on goods made with epoxy resin kit to avoid dulling or degrading the epoxy resin. Dishwashers generate a lot of heat, which can warp or melt anything made with epoxy resin.



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2 - Where to display them


Please store your newly purchased epoxy resin somewhere cold and out of the direct sunshine as soon as you get it home. If the epoxy resin product is stored in an extremely warm environment, such as a conservatory, during the summer, in direct sunshine, this might cause the object to become flexible. When it cools back down, it will become hard again, which could cause the thing to be misshapen.


This also applies to goods that are stored outside; please ensure that outdoor crafts made with epoxy resin are stored in a location shaded from the sun. 



Where to display them



3 - Heat resistance


Our Low Viscosity resin can withstand temperatures up to 200°F/93°C, while our Deep Pour resin can withstand temperatures up to 180°F/80°C. Both of them must cure for 21 days before they are heat resistant.


Don't put hot dishes or pans on your goods, please. While it's generally safe to set a heated cup down on a resin coaster, some beverages, such as Green Tea (which doesn't have milk to cool it down significantly), may cause the coaster to soften slightly due to the heat.


Put them in the fridge or another cool location if they get too warm and pliable. They will solidify into whatever form you put them on, so be sure it's a level surface.



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4 - Food safety guidance


Craft Resin, the brand of epoxy resin that I've been using, has been examined by a third party for leaching and migration in accordance with global standards. It has passed all of these examinations: If you follow the instructions for using Craft Resin, the finished product, which has fully cured, will not transfer any chemicals to food that comes into touch with it. I have ensured that your product made with epoxy resin has been completely set before delivering it to you, and as a result, it is safe for food items to be placed atop it. However, I suggest you only show food items that are colder or at room temperature on the creation, not hot food.



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5 - How to dispose of them if you need to


Your creation made out of epoxy resin is meant to be a souvenir, a memorial piece, or homeware. It is not intended to be a throwaway item; rather, it is intended to last for a longer period. It is not possible to recycle it, therefore if you need to dispose of it for any reason, please put it in the regular trash can in your kitchen. Thank you.


If the item is still in fantastic shape, you do not need it anymore. You can consider giving it to someone who could use or sell it. This way, less waste is produced unnecessarily. Both of these options help reduce the amount of garbage that is produced.



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How can I give this guidance to my customers:


There are several options for delivering the following recommendations to your clientele. We hope these suggestions help you envision how best to represent your business.


 Put instructions up on your webpage.


You may provide a wealth of helpful information for your clientele on your resin business website. Including such instructions in a Frequently Asked Questions section might be a simple solution. When your consumers purchase or get their orders, you may point them in that direction.


Send your client an email with instructions.


You may also add this advice in an automated email sent to consumers after purchasing or receiving their order. You may lay out the instructions in the email or refer them to your website's Frequently Asked Questions page.






Include the guidance with their order


In addition to the items themselves, you may also send along any relevant instructions for using them. They will get everything they ordered and the aftercare products and maintenance instructions required to keep their new investment looking great for a long time.


A beautiful document created with information from your computer and printed out might do wonders for a new firm just starting. If you have a larger budget, you may have leaflets developed and produced by a professional company.






Having the aftercare and assistance available to your consumers is more significant than having it printed on lavender-scented glossy paper with your brand at the outset of your epoxy resin firm. Don't worry too much about the delivery method initially; ensure the data is there.


Customers are busy; you should do everything possible to make the relevant information "jump out" (figuratively) at them. In the long term, making it stand out will benefit you because fewer complaints and queries will be asked of you.


If you need help figuring out what kind of instructions to give your customers when using our brand of clear epoxy resin for crafts, you should talk to another artist who makes and sells similar items. They'll happily explain the instructions they give out to their clients.


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