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It may take some time after you begin working with resin and launching your resin business before you begin to realize significant financial benefits. Many resin artists, if the resin is their main source of revenue, will certainly have financial difficulties at the outset.


Many entrepreneurs begin their start in the resin industry while they are still employed; they use the downtime from their day jobs to develop their operations. This is a terrific strategy for launching an epoxy resin firm.


But what if you want to quit your day job and devote yourself full-time to resin art, but you're not sure whether your income would be sufficient to meet your living expenses?


At that point, you should begin exploring other avenues of financial success and brand expansion. In this blog post, we'll be discussing three of those possibilities.



It's possible that certain possibilities are ideal for you while others are not. You should consider your possibilities, zero in on the ones that seem to work best, then commit yourself fully to that path. This Blog is here to assist you with resin business ideas and is starting a resin business worth it. So that you can find a way to fill the financial gap, whatever you want to do it.


1. Participate in the Craft Resin Referral Program and Boost Your Income.

We wanted to show our appreciation to those who have supported Craft Resin for a long time, so we developed a referral program where resin artists may earn money if one of their referrals makes a purchase. We thought it was only right to share the spoils with those who helped spread the word about our business, and we've worked hard to improve the perks you receive over time.



How does it work, and who would benefit most from it?


If you want to participate in our referral program, you may do so by registering for it on our website. After providing some identifying information, a one-of-a-kind link or code will be produced for you to use.

If you forward this link to a friend or include it in your Instagram bio, for example, and they use it to buy epoxy resin products online from Craft Resin, you'll both benefit. Also, every time they use your link to make a purchase. The opportunity for recurring commissions is created by this.

For example:

If a person clicks on your link and buys a 4 Litre Pro Kit from us for £134.99, they will save £13.49, and you will earn £13.49 from Craft Resin as a token of our appreciation. A monthly purchase of 4 liters through your referral link might add an extra £13.49 to your PayPal balance.

Participate in the Collabs referral program immediately to begin earning:


UK Referral Program

US Referral Program

EU Referral Program

These programs are about how to start a resin business to earn money.

Our system will automatically deposit your referral bonuses into your PayPal account. The cash is yours to do with as you like; whether investing in more resin or buying yourself a reward for your efforts is up to you.


In order to establish a connection between two geographically far nations (for example, the United Kingdom and the United States). When clicked, the UK link will take you to the UK market, while the US link will take you to the US market. The rules you establish, however, need not vary depending on the market.

Please use the website's contact form if you have problems or inquiries when implementing your link or code.

2. Supplement Your Income with Amazon's Affiliate Program:

The fact that we offer Craft Resin for sale on Amazon only adds to the convenience of buying our resin. An affiliate program is tied to Amazon, so if you already enjoy and use the site's items, you can promote them to your audience and make money. Commissions differ for each product, but on average, Craft Resin offers a 4% commission on all sales.

Joining the Amazon Affiliate Program is simple and free. All you have to do is click the link down below for further details or to sign up:

Amazon Affiliate Program

The beautiful thing about selling Craft Resin and other goods on Amazon is that you can earn a commission on both types of sales. You may make money off of anything you use in your resin projects if you make a detailed inventory list. The convenience of having all the resources necessary to begin working with resin in one convenient location is also fantastic for those who are new to working with the medium.


3. You may supplement your income by instructing others in resin casting.

In other words, if you're skilled enough with resin to launch your own resin enterprise, you're skilled enough to instruct others in the art of resin creation!

You may make money teaching others how to enter this creative field if you put your experience to good use. Many individuals are interested in making crafts with epoxy resin, but they don't know where to start. You could end up being the one to show them the ropes.


This may be accomplished in two different ways: online or face-to-face. Below, we'll examine both of these choices.

Online Realm:

The Craft Resin Academy is an online hub for resin classes. Within its walls are several programs focusing on the resin in all its forms.

We are always on the lookout for talented artists who would want to teach others their techniques for working with resin by becoming part of our Academy's faculty. Our goal is to make learning about resin possible for anybody who is willing to take the time to learn from experienced artists.

The following link is for you if you are a seasoned resin artist with the knowledge that you might teach others about through the production of pre-recorded video material.

Become a Craft Resin Academy Instructor

Through the link that was provided earlier, you will be able to obtain further information on the process of developing a course, and you will also have the complete support of the staff at Craft Resin in the event that you require assistance from us.

As a resin artist who will create the course, we can offer you compensation for the use of your content in the form of a one-time payment in free resin or a Craft Resin gift card (the amount of which will be discussed on an individual basis) and also your personalized referral links shared on every single video page you create. Our courses are free for people to take part in and learn from, but as a resin artist who will create the course, we can offer you compensation for the use of your content. Offering you the chance to earn a 10% commission on the sale of any resin that is made via your link, and not just once, but every time someone makes a purchase through your link. There are no bounds to this!

Your credibility as a resin artist will be bolstered, and your brand will grow if you share any courses you develop with your own audiences.

Even though the time spent developing a Craft Resin course won't directly result in monetary gain, the opportunity to earn supplies will allow you to reduce expenses in your own resin business, so freeing up income for other uses.

Make sure you're familiar with the platforms you'll need to build and distribute your own virtual courses before attempting to construct them. They come in a wide range of prices, some of which are rather high for what you may or may not get in return. Without our assistance, you'll have to find your own way to promote your courses to your target audience, while we'll do it for you and reach out to our massive user base on your behalf.


In Person:

This is a perfect time to get together in person, as all previously canceled activities are again fully operational. Why not begin providing in-person lessons with yourself as the instructor?

In this approach, you may teach a certain resin ability to a small number of people, or you can provide individualized lessons to each customer based on what they wish to make.

The advantage of holding your own in-person lessons is that you can work directly with the students, guiding them through the creative process in a manner that is difficult, if not impossible, to do when you don't have a personal relationship with your audience online.

Since there aren't many art teachers, you may set your own rates for private lessons. A Craft Resin epoxy resin beginning kit, mica powder for resin, and other supplies you know they'll need might be bundled within the cost of tuition.

Make sure you have insurance in place before you begin instructing individuals in any capacity, and provide them with basic guidelines, including safety information and personal protective equipment (PPE).

If you prefer the in-person option, don't hesitate to contact us; we may provide you with a discount on course materials in exchange for mentioning our company in your lessons.


You may use three methods to supplement your resin company's income. Because of the risk involved in running a business, a wise businessperson like the owner of a resin business would diversify their revenue streams.

You should begin developing your various revenue streams to supplement your resin business immediately.

Free Weekly Discussion Topic:

To enhance the transmission of information about working with epoxy resin, we've provided free resin and mica powders to everyone who shares our Instagram posts announcing the Topic Of The Week.


Please refer to the most recent #CRWEEK6 post on our Instagram feed/highlights for details on how to join this week's giveaway:



It may take some time to see tangible results when you begin developing new prospects outside of your core resin business. Still, once you do, you may be able to significantly boost your resin company's revenue.

Team Craft Resin

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