Social Media Tips For Your Epoxy Resin Business

Social Media Tips For Your Epoxy Resin Business - Craft Resin US

We know that lot's of resin artists choose to market their business mainly through Social Media platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook, amongst others. Social Media is a great tool to use for this purpose because most of the time it's completely free to market your business on there.

Now you're not only becoming incredible artists who are gaining more resin skills every day, but now you're also Marketers too. And most of you at a guess are probably self taught Marketers.

Thats why we want to give you some tips to help you make the most of marketing your resin creations on Social Media today, hopefully you'll learn something new that you can then factor into your 2023 Social Media plan of action.


Before we get started we do have a few other articles in our Blog section that also share specific Social Media tips. So once you've read this weeks blog, please use the search bar in the main blog page and search Social Media to bring these articles up.

Let's get back to digging into today's tips...

1. Show your face:

People buy from people they trust, in order for someone to trust your brand, they need to know who's behind the brand.

It blows our minds when even today we visit an artists resin business page/profile/feed and we can't even see their name, it puts us off getting in touch with the artist because we don't know who we're speaking to. Imagine if that was a potential customer, and they didn't reach out to you about creating a project for them because they didn't know who they were speaking to.

So at least put your name in the bio, even a nickname will do.

A step up from that would be to show your face! When people know your name that's great, thats level 1 of building trust, but showing your face, that takes you up a few trust levels.

Regularly share images or videos of yourself stood beside your resin stall at an in person event, or working at your resin table on your latest project, or posing with one of your projects. These are all just examples, get creative with this. When you're feeling good get snapping loads of pictures, then you'll have a stockpile.

Even if you need to add a subtle filter because you're not comfortable in your own skin, then that's better than nothing, as long as it's not a cat/dog filter and you have those silly ears on your head - Don't post them, unless that's part of your branding, but that's another story, and for most of you, it isn't.

Another great tip to make your face look amazing, is to make sure you have great lighting!

We know, standing in front of light shining directly onto your face might make you feel like it is going to show every single aspect of your skin that you hate, but actually it does the opposite. Bad lighting behind you or from above you can actually show up more imperfections and also won't brighten the image. Instead place your phone on a windowsill then stand in front of the window facing the light and try an image there, you'll be surprised how good your skin looks.

Another way to do this is to purchase a Ring Light. These don't have to be expensive, but they will come in handy to photograph yourself and your work without horrible shadows getting in the way, and they make your skin look amazing!


2. Post content that educates your customers:

Share helpful tips and tricks related to your epoxy resin projects, such as how to select the right resin for a particular project, what molds to use, how to create resin projects, how to add different colour or patterns to projects. The list could go on!

There are two main benefits to this:

A - When people see the time, energy, money, effort, skill that goes into creating your projects, your work becomes more valuable and you look like more of an expert compared to the rest of the resin artists trying to get people's attention online! Who would you prefer to buy from, a resin expert, or someone who looks like they're creating for a hobby?

B - This can help you get brand endorsements, or brand ambassador opportunities with your suppliers which can then allow you to earn free supplies, additional money, and even extra eyes on your channel as the bigger brands then in turn share your work to their audiences too.

We've actually seen lots of artists doing this more and more recently and we've noticed that the artists who are, are gaining so many more followers and engagement on these kinds of educational posts/videos. We work with a lot of artists who use epoxy resin for crafting in this way, to help grow their brand as well as ours.

One thing that might have been putting you off sharing content like this is thinking this kind of content will only make more people take up resin and therefore become your "competition".

This thought process is actually one of a lack mentality, you think there won't be enough customers to go around if you teach others to resin, but actually what we've found to be true is the opposite.

Yes you teach others, and some people will try resin and they will enjoy it, and they will even start their own businesses. But as of 15th November 2022, the population of the world surpassed 8 billion people! How many out of this 8 billion people do you think has probably still not even heard the words epoxy resin let alone use epoxy resin for crafts or mica powder for art!

1.386 billion of those people are on Instagram, out of which, how many of those does your content reach when you post? You're not going to run out of customers any time soon.

We say this because we want you to get the scale of your potential customer base, so that you can break past this lack belief that can actually be holding you back.

How else does this belief stop you moving forward in your resin business, what else aren't you sharing/doing/speaking about on social media because you have this fear in your mind?!

If you're not sharing, speaking or doing certain things on social media because of this then you are limiting the people who are going to be seeing your work.

Not everyone will try resin because you've shown them how to, not everyone will purchase your creations because you've shown them they exist, but the more people you expose to your brand the better - You're looking for the ones who want to buy your items, you need to expand your reach and engagement on social media to do this.


3. Interact with your audience:

Simply having a social media account and posting isn't enough to get your work seen, and customers to buy. You need to engage with your audience.

When you post, but then also engage with your audience they engage back. Social media is called social media because it's designed to be sociable, your posts get shown more the more your audience engages with them.

So make your posts engaging, open posts with taglines that draw people in...

Wow, you'll never guess what!?

Who would love to see how I made this?

I can't decide...

All of the above examples will hook people in and they'll want to click on your post and read more. Once you have them hooked fill in the middle of the content with what you'd like to say about your post, but then always end with a call to action...

Which colour do you prefer? Comment below ⬇️

What would you pop in this resin trinket pot? Comment below ⬇️

Have you ever created with epoxy resin? Let me know ⬇️

Comment below, would anyone like to give resin a try? ⬇️

Does anyone else use epoxy resin for art? ⬇️

Your call to action can of course be, click the link in my bio to buy this creation etc. But this won't drive engagement, so this post won't get seen by more people. And so less eyes on the post means less chance of a sale.

It would be much better to use an engaging call to action where people aren't being sold to in your post, but then share the post and creations on your stories with a buy call to action, you can even use the link feature to send people directly to your online store so they can buy from your stories straight away.

Regularly check your posts for comments, and answer anyone who has left a comment. Also set aside time each day to check your DMs, make sure you're responding to these.

Ask your audience questions, questions lead to them replying with answers, which means more engagement to and from with your audience, driving your engagement.


4. Connect/collaborate with other artists:

Reach out to other resin artists and form a online community between yourselves. Use the community you create to collaborate with. Collaborate on projects or social posts to increase your visibility and theirs.

Again many will possibly fear collaborations because of what we spoke about earlier in the blog. By collaborating and their audience seeing my work, will there be any competition between us - No!

Every artist is so very different and the work you all create is very different too. In the same breath, every customer is different and would like different creations. By collaborating with other artists you're helping your visibility again and also growing your trust and likability once more.

Your customers will find you easier and they will like the fact that you're the type of person who is that comfortable with themselves and their abilities that they can collaborate with others in a non-competitive way.

We'd all like to buy from an artist like that.

By collaborating with other artists you also personally get many benefits. Maybe you work alone most of the time, having another artists to chat to might be lovely. It will keep the inspiration and enthusiasm for creating with resin going, when you both love what you do the energy when you come together is infectious and you'll learn more skills as well as unlock more creativity within yourself.

Building an online connection with another artist can give these benefits, try it.


5. Utilise video:

Videos are a great way to showcase your projects in action and create excitement around your brand. They also help build that trust and authenticity with your audience as they get to see you!

You can also collaborate with other artists or brands you use in videos or through lives which can really help your reach online.

Moving from sharing images to videos at first can be scary, it can also take time to master them fully. There are buttons you have to press to go live, things you have to remember to press afterwards to save the video, theres setting up your workspace, looking slightly more presentable than you maybe normally do in your craft room. But all of this is so worth it.

Going live or posting regular videos really helps you stand out from the resin artist crowd and also massively increases your audiences engagement and trust in you which will lead to more sales.

Don't get too caught up on being "perfect" online, no one expects your videos to be super clear and bright like you've been an influencer for years. No one expects your craft room to be tidy, in fact it can put some people off and make them feel inadequate, embrace the mess. No one expects you to talk like a robot and read from a script, just flow, imagine your camera is your best friend and your having a conversation with them about your creations.

Remember with videos, the more you do them the better you get, the less you do the less you improve, so just go for it and do them!


6. Host fun contests and giveaways:

Offer prizes like one of your epoxy resin creations that you haven't sold yet or discounts on select products to reward your customers and attract new followers.

You don't have to go crazy with this, and you don't have to do them all the time. If you're starting out on social media and in your resin business start with small giveaways, or reach out to brands you use and see if they will supply you with something small to give as a prize. Mention the exposure there brand will get when you share your giveaway to your audience and many brands will help if they can.

You can even offer up an hour of your time virtually to teach someone how to use resin! That won't cost you anything if they get their supplies first and you do it through Zoom, or in person, if they can get to you.

Use your imagination, get creative.


7. Measure your success:

We know what it's like at first when you step into the world of social media and you start sharing your creations. It's like throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it sticks! You randomly post anything, at any times, in any way that you can. That's completely fine, remember, give yourself a break, you're not a social media marketing expert, you're learning!

Once you've been sharing on social media for a few months start to track the performance of your social media posts/videos/reels/stories to see what content resonates best with your audience.

Look for how many likes your post got, how many people engaged on it, if you can correlate it with how many sales you got of that particular project that week.

It will take time, but you'll start to notice trends. Certain projects doing better than others, certain types of content performing better than others, certain followers engaging with your posts more than others (these will be your super fans, and you can reach out directly to these people and thank them for all their support, they'll love that!).

When you know what times work better for your posts, post then! Or schedule them with a scheduling app like

When you know what content your audience prefers, you can make more of that type and less of the others that won't get seen as much!

You'll actually find that taking the time to track your content now, will save you lots of wasted time creating and posting content that doesn't work later down the line. Also the sooner you build this habit into your time, the more you will do this throughout your whole business journey, which will make your journey more efficient as you grow.

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We hope you've all taken something from this blog that you can use in your social media.


Team Craft Resin

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