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Many resin artists rely heavily on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media sites to spread the word about their wares and services. To this end, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be useful due to the low cost of advertising your business on these sites.


You're learning more and more about resin every day, and as a bonus, you're becoming fantastic painters, and now you're also becoming Marketers. And the vast majority of you have taught yourselves marketing.


That's why we're here to help you make the most of social media marketing for your resin products in 2019 so that you can take what you've learned and incorporate it into your strategy for 2023 and beyond.



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Let's resume our investigation of today's advice...

1: Make eye contact:


To build consumer confidence in your business, it's important to introduce the individuals behind the scenes.


It still blows our heads when we visit an artist's resin business page/profile/feed, and there's no way to see their name anywhere on the website or in the feed, which makes us hesitant to contact the artist. Consider the missed opportunity if that person was a potential client who didn't get you about working together on a project because they needed to recognize your name.


So, at the very least, identify yourself in the bio, even by a nickname.


That's not very advanced; the next level is to present your face. Having someone recognize your name is a good first step toward gaining trust, but seeing your face does much more.


Promote your resin business by regularly posting photos and videos of yourself at local events, working at your resin table, and showing off your latest creations. These are just some suggestions; feel free to use your imagination. You may build up a large collection of photos by taking many of them while in a good mood.


If you're not confident in your appearance and feel the need to apply a filter, even if it's only a subtle one (as long as it isn't a cat/dog filter and you don't have those stupid ears on your head), that's better than posting nothing at all.


It's also important to have good lighting if you want your face to look its best in photos.


We get it; standing in front of a bright light with your face in the centre of the beam might make you feel like every flaw in your skin is magnified tenfold, but in reality, it has the opposite effect. When the light is coming from above or behind you, it might accentuate flaws and dull the overall appearance of the photo. Instead, try taking a picture of yourself by placing your phone on a windowsill and standing in front of it with the camera facing the light; you'll be impressed by how nice your skin appears.

A Ring Light is an alternative option for doing this. You can take better pictures of yourself and your work without distracting shadows, and your skin will thank you if you invest in them (though they aren't required to be very pricey).



2: You should provide information to your audience that will help them:


Give others the benefit of your experience working with epoxy resin by sharing your knowledge on the best resin to use, the best moulds to use, the best techniques for working with craft resin epoxy resin, and the best ways to add colour and pattern to your creations. One could go on and on.

Two primary advantages result from this:


A - Your work will be more highly valued, and you will be seen as an expert compared to the other resin artists competing for attention on the internet when people can see how much time, effort, money, talent, and dedication you put into making your creations. If you were going to make a purchase, would you rather do business with a seasoned professional in the field of resin casting or someone who seems to be doing it as a hobby?


B - This can help you secure brand ambassadorships with your suppliers, leading to free products, monetary compensation, and increased exposure for your channel when larger companies promote your content to their audiences.


Many musicians are starting to include educational content in their social media posts and videos, and those who do experience a significant increase in their audience. Many of the artists we collaborate with use epoxy resin in their craft. And this is one way we assist both of our businesses to thrive.


The fear that encouraging others to try resin would increase your "competition" is probably one reason you haven't been sharing articles like this.


This way of thinking indicates a lack of mindset; you may fear that there will only be enough business if you expose more people to resin. But our experience has shown the exact reverse to be true.


Yes, you share your knowledge with the world, and some others will try resin, like it, and eventually open their enterprise's thanks to your teachings. However, the world's population topped 8 billion on November 15th, 2022. How many of the world's 8 billion individuals have used epoxy resin and hardener for crafts or mica powder in artwork?


How many of Instagram's 1.386 billion monthly active users are exposed to your posts? In other words, you will be in business if you offer good service.


If you need to realize how large your prospective consumer base is, you may be able to overcome the self-doubt that is holding you back.


What else are you not posting, tweeting, or talking about related to your resin business due to this preconceived notion of failure?


Your reach on social media will be reduced if you refrain from posting, chatting, or engaging with your audience out of fear of rejection.


You need to increase your reach and interaction on social media to find the individuals who want to buy your goods. Not everyone will try resin because you've taught them how to, and not everyone will buy your creations because you've shown them they exist.


3. Engage with Your Followers


You need to engage with your followers if you want them to notice your posts and ultimately buy your products; having a social media account and publishing is not enough. Having interaction with your target audience is essential.


You'll see a positive response when you post content and interact with your followers. The whole nature of social media depends on user interaction. The more people who see your postings, the more likely you are to receive different views.


So, make your postings interesting, and start them off with catchy headlines...


Can you believe it?


Who would be interested in hearing how I did this?


Honestly, I can't make up my mind...


The aforementioned selections will pique readers' interest and encourage them to continue reading your piece. The meat of your piece is where you elaborate on the subject matter that has people interested in reading about it but remembers to wrap things up with a call to action at the very end.


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  • Can I assume that you are the only person who creates artwork out of epoxy resin? ⬇️


The link to my bio to purchase this masterpiece is a good call to action. However, this will not increase interaction so fewer people will read this message. As a result, there will be fewer potential buyers considering the post.


Use a compelling CTA where people aren't being sold to in your post, but then share the post and creations on your tales with a buy CTA. You can even use the link function to drive people directly to your online store so they can buy from your stories right away.


Be sure to check for blog comments frequently and respond to everyone who takes the time to write to you. Ensure you're responding to direct messages by allocating time daily to check them.


Start a conversation with your audience by asking them questions.; this will encourage them to respond, resulting in more back-and-forth interaction.



4. Network and work with other creatives:


Find other people who work with resin and start a group online. Collaborate with members of the group you establish. Work together on projects or social media updates to boost your profile and theirs.


Once again, the concerns we expressed at the beginning of this blog post may drive some people to avoid working together. Will there be any rivalry between us due to our working together and their audience being exposed to my work?

Artists come in unique styles and techniques, showing in your finished products. Additionally, every consumer has individual tastes and demands for final products. You may boost your profile and garner fans' goodwill by teaming up with other creatives.


Customers will have an easier time tracking you down, and they'll appreciate your ability to work together with others in a cooperative spirit.


Everyone here wishes they could buy from such a talented artisan.


In addition to the professional rewards, cooperating with other artists also has many personal advantages. The company of fellow creatives while you work, is welcome, especially if you work alone. The two of you will keep each other motivated and excited about working with resin. And the synergy you'll feel when you get together will help you develop your talents and bring out your inner artist.

Try connecting with another creative person online and experience these advantages.


5. Use video:


Videos are excellent for showcasing your initiatives in action and generating buzz about your brand. In addition to allowing your audience to see you. They assist in establishing credibility, and credibility is essential when attempting to persuade.


  • In addition, expanding your online presence through partnerships with other artists or companies you include in videos or live streams is a viable option.
  • Transitioning from picture to video sharing can be intimidating. And it may take some practice to become proficient at both. Set up your workplace, and try to seem more put together than you may in your craft room. Then hit the appropriate buttons to go live and save the video. But it's all been so worthwhile in the end.
  • By going live or releasing videos regularly, you can set yourself apart from other resin artists while significantly increasing your audience's engagement and trust, raising your sales.
  • Don't worry so much about seeming "perfect" online; your audience doesn't expect you to have the same level of production value as established influencers. You should embrace the chaos in your craft space since no one expects it to be neat. You don't need to memorize lines or seem robotic. Instead, pretend the camera is your greatest friend and chat naturally about your work.


Remember that the more practice you put into making videos, the better you'll get. The less practice you put into making videos, the worse you'll get.


6. Throw exciting contests and give out cool prizes:


To thank your customers and bring in new ones. Consider hosting competitions and giving away prizes like your unsold epoxy resin sculptures or discounts on specific goods.


You don't need to overdo it and don't even need to perform them regularly. Small giveaways are a great way to get started on social media and in the resin industry. If you don't have anything to give away, reach out to the companies you use. And see if they'd be willing to send you something. Many companies will be willing to lend a hand if you ask them to. Especially if you emphasize the positive publicity, they'll receive from your gift.


You may provide a virtual one-hour lesson in resin usage to someone in need. You may do this free using Zoom or in person, if they can travel to you. As long as they have their materials beforehand.


Put your mind to work, and be original.


7. Evaluate your progress:


We realize how daunting it is to put your work into the public on social media for the first time. It's like trying to build a wall by tossing spaghetti at it. You throw stuff up whenever you feel like it. However, you feel like it. That's great; after all, you're still learning and far from becoming a social media marketing guru.


After a few months of posting to social media, you should begin monitoring the engagement with your material to determine what your audience enjoys most.


  • Determine if there is a connection between the number of likes and comments your article received. Also, consider the number of sales you made on the related project during that week.
  • It may take some time, but eventually, patterns will emerge. Some work is more successful than others. Some material performs better than others, and some followers interact with your postings more frequently than others. These are your super fans; they'd love it if you thanked them for their support.
  • Whenever you determine the optimal periods for posting, do so! Alternatively, use a scheduling app, such as, to do so.
  • By learning what material your target audience likes. You can produce more of those and less of the other types, increasing your chances of discovering your content.


When you invest in tracking your content today. You won't have to worry about wasting time later on material that doesn't perform well. The earlier you incorporate this practice into your daily routine. The more likely you will continue doing so throughout your career journey, ultimately saving you time and effort.

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