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Reviewing Your 2022 Resin Creations/Business:

Reviewing Your 2022 Resin Creations/Business: - Craft Resin

As we write this we still can’t quite believe that it’s got to the end of 2022 already! Sometimes the year goes so fast and before we know it we’re hitting 2023 and onto the next resin adventure, without looking back on how far we’ve come.


This is more important to do if you own a resin business because if you don’t review what worked well over the past year, and what didn’t, how will you know what to improve moving into the new year?



Even if creating with resin is just a hobby at the moment, it can still really boost your confidence and artistic abilities to look at the improvements you’ve made over the year and the level you’re now creating at in comparison - And who knows, maybe you’ve improved so much, you’re considering starting a resin business in 2023. Lots of artists we’ve spoken to in 2022 only started creating with resin in the past year or so, if they could do it, why not you!


Work through the questions below to review your past year if you’re a resin hobbyist:


1 - When did you start creating? 


2 - What was the first resin project you created?


3 - What issues did you face with that first creation?


4 - What did you love about that first creation?


5 - What have you created since?


6 - What was your favourite creation this year and why?


7 - What were some of the biggest lessons you learned about resin in 2022?


8 - On a scale of 0-10 (0 being not the best and 10 being amazing) how would you rate your resin skills now?


9 - If you scored lower than 10, what improvements could you make to move this number up one or two notches?


10 - If you scored 10, have you started a resin business yet?


11 - If you scored 10, and answered no to question 9, why not!? 

(Seriously if you’re creating level 10 resin projects and you haven’t got at least a side business where you sell your creations, you should maybe add that to your goals list for 2023)


12 - What’s one goal you’d like to achieve with resin in 2023? A certain project you’d like to create/A skill you’d like to master/A technique you’d like to try/etc.



Work through the questions below to review your past year if you own a resin business (of any size):


1 - When did you start creating with resin?


2 - When did you start your resin business and why did you start it?


3 - Whats been your biggest business challenge in 2022?


4 - Whats been your biggest business highlight in 2022?


5 - Moving through the months, from January to December, make a note of your best selling creation from each month:


6 - Moving through the months, from January to December, make a note of what was your most popular post from your social media channels:


7 - What platforms did you set up in 2022? Instagram/FB page/Etsy/Website/etc


8 - Which out of these business tools/platforms do you most enjoy running and why?


9 - Which of these business tools/platforms do you least enjoy running and why?


10 - What has been your most proud moment in your resin business over the last year?


11 - Whats one business goal you’d most like to focus on and achieve in 2023?


12 - What are some of the things you can do to start working towards that goal? Take a course/read more articles/ask other artists/learn new tools or techniques/increase your following/etc



Whichever option you chose above we want you to sit down somewhere quiet and spend some time over the Christmas/Holiday period to go through the questions and write down your answers. We know that means taking time out of your busy day if you’re still running your business over this time, or spending time away from friends and family, but this is such an important task to do to wrap up your year.


If you don’t take time to acknowledge how far you’ve come, no amount of growth will ever be enough. You need to celebrate the journey you’re on, not the destination, as we keep growing we’ll have new bigger challenges and most of us will never actually hit the destination because the destination will always be moving. 


If you hit 500 followers in 2022, next year you’ll want to hit 1000. You need to take a breath and acknowledge and celebrate that win, you got 500 followers - Well done to you! You did that, you achieved that, at some point you had none, this is a win, this is moving forward, this is growth, you’re doing it, your growing your resin skills/resin business! Celebrate that over the festive period.



We’re proud of every single one of you. 


The creations we’ve seen through our social media channels, emails and community group from 2022 have been absolutely phenomenal! The ideas many of you have had that have been experimental resin creations have blown us away! The resin businesses that some of you have started or grown over this last year are amazing and we’ve loved watching them flourish!


We’re really excited for where all of you are going in the resin world and we can’t wait to support you all even more in 2023 to make all your resin dreams come true.


Stay tuned as we increase our artist collaborations, helping to not only grow our own brand but also yours! Keep your eyes peeled fro new product launches that we know many of you will go crazy for!


2023 is going to be the most incredible year for resin and we can’t wait to experience it all with you by our side.


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We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.


Team Craft Resin

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