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Fall Resin Vibes: - Craft Resin US

As summer ends and fall begins, the seasons change. When the leaves turn brilliant shades of orange, brown, and deeper green, autumn is a magical time of year. You can modify your plastic sculptures when the seasons and colors outdoors shift.

In this week's blog, we'll show you some of the amazing things our brand's artists have made using diy resin starter kit and share some of the inspiration that has gone into making them.

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Changing the colors of your resin sculptures is one of the easiest things you can do to give them a fall or autumn feel. Creating the appropriate autumnal and fall feelings may be accomplished by shifting from the brilliant summer colors to darker hues, burned oranges, and greens and browns inspired by nature.

The beautiful resin dice seen below, designed by the resin artist @maisedesignsdice, are a wonderful illustration of this point. The deep orange tones and the almost flame-like yellows and golds in the center are very helpful in establishing the fall feel. Only during the eerie fall season does Maise Designs Dice make dice with this one-of-a-kind design available for purchase. During October, you may give a store drop that features them, which can be an excellent promotional offering for your resin businesses:

resin sculptures

You may also produce the most stunning effects using fall colors, like the resin bloom coaster that @resin_kreativwelt created. These kinds of effects are so hypnotizing to the eyes that they make for amazing designs that can attract people's attention and cause them to stop scrolling so that they may have a look at your work:

resin bloom coaster

The newest project by @megswonderland has colors with a wonderful sense of nuance, which we like. In the creative area, you are free to use colors in your artwork strikingly or understatedly. Using burnt reds and oranges in your project makes for some fantastic fall colors and almost gives the impression that fireworks are going off inside your project.

Experiment with color, try new methods, develop new effects, and, most importantly, have fun with your projects! You never know what fantastic effects you'll come up with as you work your way through the process of producing resin art:

resin art

It is possible to have a lot of fun by giving your works some of the most gorgeous fall and autumn colors. Additionally, when the resin hardens, it shifts, and the colors bleed into one another and mix. The colors that you first apply to your resin creation might wind up looking quite different from how the project turns up in the end after it has been cured and solidified if you use alcohol ink, as the resin artist @sharableart has done in her stunning masterpiece, which can be seen further down this page. The colors combined below and the magnificent patterns this has produced captivate our admiration. Have you experimented with the use of alcohol inks as of yet?

fall and autumn colors

Have a good time experimenting with various hues and embellishments on your works of art. The talented folks at @resin.bar.studio made this stunning resin tray. The artist filled the gaps with mica powder and added dimension with the prettiest autumn-themed sprinkles. How may you use Autumnal elements in your work?

resin tray

A blog on autumn would only be complete with beautiful examples of the season's changing foliage. These resin leaves by @wildheartresinart are so lifelike it's scary. The artist put forth a lot of effort, as seen not only by the vividness of the hues but also by the veining on the leaves and the deft way the resin has been twisted.

There are video guides on bending resin on the Craft Resin channel if you're interested in trying it. To get a deeper sense of the artists' inspirations, please click on the photos below:

resin leaves

The following two projects couldn't be more different from one another, yet we're featuring them both since they're both great choices for the Fall/Autumn season.

To begin, @larajayne_designs has crafted some stunning autumn-themed resin paperweights and keychains. These items showcase some of autumn's most magnificent flowers and leaves. Including fall flowers and leaves in your crafts is a way to give off an autumnal glow that will blow people away. And then there is the other project that Lara is working on, giving us Halloween vibes with the wonderful hand prints in resin that seem eerie. Check out Lara's profile to see how each of these was accomplished:

resin paperweights and keychains

These stunning high-gloss resin pumpkins are another wonderful creation that the artist @resinroxx has created with flowers and greenery characteristic of fall. Pumpkins are a must-have for any project with a fall or autumn theme, and they also make a fantastic addition to the products that your resin company may offer for sale. People might also use pumpkins that have flowers growing inside of them as decorations all year round since these pumpkins are more understated than their typical counterparts, which are vivid orange pumpkins:

resin pumpkins

The artist @klarfee is responsible for the creation of the next projects. A stunning fall landscape consisting of two miniature ornamental snails, a hedgehog, decorative pumpkins, a can of fly agaric, a pumpkin used as a can, and a leaf bowl in two different colors. Mica Powder and Craft Resin's Low Viscosity epoxy resin colour powder were used in producing every item.

A basic mica powder colorant may do wonders for bringing fall creations to life; in these cases, you sometimes need to go overboard with the amount of colorants and additives you use. The fly agaric and the single pumpkin function as attractive boxes that may be used to store smaller goods. The bowl is made of leaves and may be used as a seasonal decoration or as a soap dish. Isn't it amazing how they:

epoxy resin colour powder

Pumpkin resin may be fashioned into a wide variety of objects using a variety of processes. You might utilize pumpkin-shaped molds, but you could also explore adding pumpkin stencils or stickers to crafts to create a spectacular fall look like the ones seen below, which @ResinByEmilyGB made. 

Emily has also used our Green Glow Mica Powder in her creation to make the crafts glow in the dark, which is a fantastic complement to any Halloween-themed item you make this fall:

Regarding the last source of this week's motivation, we will continue with the Halloween theme. Following that, we have a magnificent Resin Skull crafted by @ekiemle_art. Resin skulls may be crafted in various styles, but our favorite aspect of this particular example is how it stands out from the rest, thanks to the unique combination of colors and the crown that sits on it. What type of resin skull could you make?

Resin Skull

We hope this week's blog has stimulated your creative spirit as we move towards the Fall and Autumn seasons. We can't wait to be blown away by all of the incredible works of art you produce over the next several months and beyond.

Remember to tag us in your social media postings using the handle @craft.resin so that we can promote your work and help more people discover your projects. We also conduct a monthly contest for a 4-liter Pro kit for the person who has the most likes at the end of the month, so good luck!

Team Craft Resin

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