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How To Use Craft Resin Mica Powders:

How To Use Craft Resin Mica Powders: - Craft Resin US

Craft Resin Mica Powders are a great place to start when you’d like to colour your resin because they are super easy to use and a little goes a long way. Resin is a clear substance and so you will need to add something like Mica to it in order to get a beautiful colour to your projects.


Our Mica Powders come in packs of 30 amazing colours, with 4 in the pack being glow in the dark colours, which will really add something really special to your resin projects!


If you’d like more information about our Mica Powders check the details out on our website.



But for now, let's get into how to use them and get the most from them to create different effects.


How much to add:


Like we said above, when it comes to Mica Powder a small amount goes a very long way. It’s also best to start off with really tiny amounts and then you can always add to it to get your desired colour level, which you can’t do if you put too much in from the start.


As a general rule when adding colours to resin you shouldn’t exceed more than 6% of the overall resin mix with the amount of colour. If you do this can throw the delicate balance needed for the resin and hardener mix to cure properly.


To create a single coloured project simply use a small spatular or small spoon, to get the Mica out of the packets. Please be careful as Mica Powder is very fine and particles can get everywhere if you don’t handle it carefully. Then add this into your resin mix, stirring for at least 3 minutes, possibly more, and making sure the bottoms and sides are scraped as you stir the mixture too.



Adding multiple colours:


If you want to add in more colours, simply mix more colours in different pots and then you can have them ready to add to your work by combining the pre-mixed colour combinations you would like. Please be aware that the colours do blend together quite a lot if you simply pour all the colours into one mold for example. There are different techniques that you can achieve with colours that you will need to do more research on before you begin if you do want to use multiple colours to create different effects, for now we’re keeping it simple.


The other simple way you can add multiple colours of Mica Powder is to brush the colours straight onto your mold and then pour the resin mix over the top. This can be quite a good technique to use if you are creating things like scales etc in fish or mermaid tail molds. You will need a small paintbrush, pick up the mica with the paintbrush from the colours you want and simply “paint” it onto the mold.



You will need to make sure your mold is clear from any dust or dirt before you begin, and take your time or go over it multiple times to ensure you have pushed the Mica Powder into all the gaps in the molds. When you have pushed it into the areas that you would like the Mica colours in, make sure to blow away any excess lumps of Mica that may have formed in the mold as these could ruin the look once it has cured.


Once the Mica Powder is covering the bottom and the sides of your mold you can pour your resin into it.



You can still your a torch to get rid of bubbles when using a resin mix with Mica Powder in it, this will not affect it at all. With a colour in the mix, bubbles might actually be easier to spot and therefore easier to get rid of.


If you'd like to purchase our Mica Powder pack to start using this to colour your resin projects, visit our website:


We only sell the Mica Powder in the pack, we can't sell them separately.


We can’t wait to see all your beautiful coloured projects, make sure you tag us in your posts on Instagram @craft.resin so that we can see what you create.

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