Is there a way to harden sticky resin?

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How to Fix Sticky Resin

For starters, if your epoxy clear resin didn't harden properly, then you failed to mix the ratio properly. This is evident by spots of sticky or soft areas. After a couple days, if it is still sticky and soft, it will remain that way until proper measures are made to remedy the issue. Make sure that you are measuring and mixing correctly to avoid a repeat of the same problem.


  • Precise measurements of Craft Resin by volume. Too much of either hardener or art resin for crafting  will result in a product that won't cure properly.
  • When mixing the ratio, make sure you mix for at least 3 minutes to guarantee the product to catalyze correctly. Make sure when you are mixing the product, you scrape the sides and bottom of the container as you go. This will help prevent spots of sticky, soft resin.


Pro Tip: Though it is advised to use two-part epoxy resin to scrape the container's bottom and sides when mixing, when you are pouring the product refrain from doing the same. If you scrape an improperly mixed clump into the final mix, you will find yourself with wet soft spots in the cured craft resin. So, scrape when you stir, don't scrape when you pour!

You may find yourself asking why your epoxy resin is still sticky. Well sadly, you can't harden the sticky resin for craft. Don't fret! This is a common issue with a very easy fix. Read on to learn how.


If the resin that you mixed is still sticky, void of running liquid and wet spots, you are able to mix and apply another batch of Craft Resin directly onto the sticky resin. The artwork underneath will be undisturbed.

If there are areas where the crystal resin is liquid and running, you will have to scrape off as much of the wet product as you can. Failure to remove the runny material will result in a leak from under the new coat. So, scrape it the best you can and add a fresh coat. Let it cure, and your piece is as good as new.

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