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Today we’re going to be talking about Craft Resin and what differentiates it from all the rest.


Craft Resin’s epoxy resin is made for creative purposes. It can be used by novices through to more advanced resin artists, for all kinds of epoxy resin needs (apart from flooring, this requires a different epoxy resin). It’s made for use anywhere, so it can be used in a workshop space and in the home.


We wanted to make a resin that was safe and easy to use for all kinds of people in all kinds of environments.


We have paid particular attention when formulating Craft Resin so that it stands above other resins on the market. Some other resins can yellow very quickly, be difficult to use and can be harmful to your health. Luckily as time has gone on and science and ingredients have improved, we’ve been able to change some of the ingredients we use in Craft Resin to stop these happening and to make our products safer than some others you can buy.



With Craft Resin we have prioritised two components when formulating our mix:


1 - It stays clear for the long term on top of your artwork or as a stand alone piece.

2 - It protects our health and is safer for our customers to use, especially when using it in the home. We have made sure that it has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) or fumes given off.


These two things alone are what makes Craft Resin stand out from the rest.


Let’s delve into the Non-Yellowing properties:


UV light damage can have awful affects on epoxy resin, it can turn it yellow in no time at all, affecting the overall look you want to achieve. To stop this from happening you need a UV light stabiliser, which not only stops Yellowing but it also keeps the high gloss finish of your work and protects agains delamination. 


When it comes to the non-yellowing, a UV light stabiliser will only delay it for a period of time, unless you have a hindered amine light stabiliser that interrupts the yellowing process before it can begin. When you have this, like Craft Resin does, the result is that it remains clear both in the bottle and once cured.


A note about Silicone Oil:


Many artists love using silicone oil in their craft epoxy resin to make flow art to create random cells and shapes across their artwork. The results are beautiful, yes, but be aware that silicone oil will yellow your resin epoxy over time. If you notice strange yellowing in your silicone resin art, it's likely that the silicone has compromised the non-yellowing properties inherent in Craft Resin epoxy and is reflecting back a less-than-optimal yellowish tinge.


Let’s move onto the health concerns:


Not only do most epoxy resins have harmful effects on your artwork but also they have harmful effects on your health too. Why? Again, it comes back to the ingredients.  Since the raw materials used to manufacture epoxy resin are expensive, many companies add cheap fillers to stretch these ingredients out and keep costs down. 


These cheap ( and toxic ) additives are non-reactive, meaning that while every other ingredient reacts with one another when the resin catalyzes, these fillers have nowhere to go ... nowhere, that is, except into the air in the form of noxious fumes and VOCs that are nasty for your respiratory system, nasty for your health and nasty for your kids, pets and anyone else you share your workspace with.


So Craft Resin is a purer formulation, with no fillers or solvents, there are no fumes or VOCs given off at any stage including the mixing stage and curing stages. Which is so much better for your health.


Craft Resin epoxy resin does produce a low odor, however it is important to note that what customers are smelling are not fumes.



This is why other products require a respirator when working with them, Craft Resin does not, and we have had this evaluated by SGS which is the worlds leading testing, inspection and certification company. You can find out more information about SGS here:


SGS Website


The certification that we have is updated every five years, or when any new formulations are brought in and the products are changed in anyway. When we started Craft Resin years ago we were very proud when our first certification came in. Now our most recent certification was completed on the 3rd June 2021. The products are tested individually and when mixed together too.


Even though Craft Resin doesn’t include any solvents, some Artists use them in their work still, these are usually in the form of Alcohol Inks, because they do make resin art look beautiful. 


This isn’t too much of an issue when you are using it in smaller pieces, like coasters or jewellery, however it can be an issue when you use Alcohol Ink in larger quantities of resin mix with larger quantities of alcohol ink, this can then compromise the non-toxicity of the Craft Resin formula. You would also need to be careful using anything like a heat gun on work like this because alcohol is flammable and so you wouldn’t use a heat torch on work that has alcohol ink in it.



Safety guidance for using Craft Resin:


Although, as you have read above Craft Resin is non-toxic when used correctly it isn’t hazardous to your health, we do still always advise on wearing PPE and working in a well ventilated area. 


You can have sensitivities to anything in the world and epoxy resin is no different in that respect. The thing with sensitivities, irritations and allergies is you won’t know you have them till you get a reaction. 


We always recommend working in a well ventilated area when using and curing epoxy resin. Always wear a face covering, like a mask or respirator, we advise this because we cannot tell how well ventilated your workspace is. Wear gloves when handling the epoxy resin, hardener and mix and protect clothing and your space around you - there is nothing worse that getting your resin mix on your carpet! and if you have pets around they can always then digest this if it is spilt on the floor.


Please read our guide which is all about safety to learn more about how to protect yourself when using our brands epoxy resin:

Safety Information


If you would like to try our resin, please visit our website:

Purchase Craft Resin


Please visit some of our other blogs to learn how to use our brands resin if you haven’t used it before. All resin from different brands are formulated differently and therefore have different safety guidance and different techniques needed when using it.

Team Craft Resin

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