What are common mistakes made by people new to using epoxy resin?

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There are three main mistakes that are made when people try using resin for the first time. Pay close attention so you don't make the same mistakes.

Firstly it is important to know that epoxy resin comes in 2 different parts, resin and hardener. If mixed correctly a chemical reaction will cause the liquid mixture to cure properly. However which this reaction is prevented or somehow disrupted, it is no longer possible to achieve a perfect cure. You are left with a sticky resin mess. Here are the three common mistakes made.

  1. Improper Measurements - The mixing ratio for Craft Resin is 1:1 so it is very important that you are as accurate as possible when you measure. Improper measurements will result in a product that is uncured and sticky due to its inability to catalyze.
  2. Not Mixed Thoroughly - As stated before if the product cannot catalyze properly it will be a sticky mess. This means you can have the ratio measured out perfect but if you don't blend it well enough you will find yourself with unsatisfactory results. Make sure you are thoroughly mixing the ratio together scraping both the sides and bottom of the container to ensure that you are mixing everything together.
  3. Using More Hardener - The cure time for craft resin is 72 hours with 95% of it being done in the first 24 hours. Many beginners believe that they can cheat the cure time with more hardener which they believe wrong. Adding more hardener will only disrupt the delicate blend required to cure the resin. The best way to accelerate the cure process is by adding heat to the equation.

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Hi Sergio
I’ve recently purchased this from Amazon and though I love the overall effect I have a few problems which I’m sure are just down to my inexperience.
1. As the resin dries it pulls away from the edges and leaves some pitting.
2. After a few days the dried resin has gone slightly cloudy in some areas of my work.
I’m using the resin to cover artwork/paintings. I have had no problem with air bubbles or speed of drying.
I look forward to your feedback as I am very excited about doing lots more of this.
Kind Regards
Pamela Blackburn

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