Are there any safety measures I should take when using epoxy resin?

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Safety Precautions


The liquid form of craft resin is sticky stuff. Like real sticky. Your first precaution should always be a pair of gloves. This will help you avoid a sticky mess while preventing any possible skin irritation.

In the event of getting the craft resin on your skin, make sure to promptly remove it with soap and water. Any soap will work, but we suggest exfoliant soap as it works much more effectively for sticky hands.

You can also get orange hand cleaner from hardware stores and use that as a dry wash prior to soap and water. A small trick you could use work of epoxy resin crafts is to keep a small bowl of poppyseeds handy. Rubbing poppyseeds on your hands after applying a little bit of hand soap (before getting your hands wet) and rubbing it in dry before rinsing thoroughly, you will find that you have resin-free hands that don't stick.

Important Notice: Avoid using varsol, alcohol, acetone or vinegar to clean your hands. Yes, these items are the best at breaking down epoxy resin, but it will enable your skin to absorb it and that isn't something you want. Save those for cleaning tools and keep it away from your bare skin when dealing with art clear resin.


Avoid Eye Contact

It is obviously best to avoid eye contact with Craft Resin as much as possible, however, if you find yourself with some in your eyes you should immediately flush your eyes out with water for 15 minutes while avoiding any rubbing motions. Seek medical attention quickly. Safety glasses, though are not required, they are a suggestion that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Stay ventilated

It is important that you contain your work to well ventilated areas. If you are working in less than favorable ventilation conditions, use a respirator.

The development of Craft Resin was driven with the goal of creating a product that would not yield any health threats to those using it.

After evaluation, and thorough testing, Crystal Craft Resin's make-up was not found to be toxic, hazardous, or harmful when used as it is intended.

Craft Resin is considered a 'clean system'. This means that everything in the compound reacts together. This leaves no VOCs or fumes that will be breathed in or airborne.

Important Note: There is a very low odor present when using epoxy Craft Resin.

Depending on how sensitive the user is, they may not notice the smell at all if not barely. It is important to know that these smells are not fumes. If you feel the urge to use a respirator to make your experience more comfortable, we encourage it. For more information, read our SDS.

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